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[ PVP ] The me<x>ta is Toxic


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It's gotten to the point where the only thing I see people running is these meta units:

Madara [Edo Tensei Release] (Can legit solo an entire team with life steal, ninjutsu immunity, field control, and * mystery spamming)

Naruto [Sage of Six Paths] (C*so solo an entire team with his life steal, unavoidable standard spamming, debuff immunity, and crazy mystery skill)

Rin (Idk what to say about her other than she is an absolute, broken support unit with mystery dmg reduction, death immunity from chase attacks, healing stacks, mystery skill is unavoidable and can be used 2 times in about every round)

Kakuza [Akasuki Creation] (Wth were the devs thinking when they made this unit. He can revive himself and along with his other dead teammates as long as an opponent's unit dies. Let's not get into the mystery and chase because those are just annoying to even talk about too. And guess what. This unit is absolutely broken when paired with soloing units such as Madara [Edo Tensei Release] and Naruto [Sage of Six Paths], and add Rin to the mix to be petty as hell)

The sad part is that these units are not even paid units. They are easy as hell to get and only takes a little grinding to get. Oh yea. Let's not forget the devs decided to change the 7-day login for new players and gave them a free 3-star Madara [Edo Tensei Release]. Idk if I forgot but can someone also tell me what we older players received while the newer players are getting meta unit and a crazy head start in the game. People can't even go around using their fun-to-play teams without it getting violated by the meta. Ik I'm not the only person to complain about this.

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older players received Kakashi after 7 days

now madara edo tensei and hashirama new year etc

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Can the older players get Madara Edo please?

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You forgot on oasis child shisui susanoo that can solo whole opponent's team that has twice power and getting +1 atk as your penalization because you used debuff on him (rip water main poison users) xD

Just for your information 6p naruto is no meta anymore, he can be countered easily. I can beat him with gengetsu with right team.
And hell no don't give edo madara for free to older servers I have enough seing him from time to time that totally ignore ninjutsu ninjas doesn't matter power difference...

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I'll rather old players get coupons or something along those lines.

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Fr this is so unfair give old player some coupons or something

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