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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 28th of July


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  • AriaNoelle On 2022-07-27 23:50:26
  • Throw some feedback on what kind of events you think this week should have had. It would go a lot farther than your complaining bro. Be part of the solution. Complaining without some suggestions and reasoning to back up your complaints is pointless for you and everyone who reads your comment.

There are those still bitter over feedback and polls having no effect years ago, then there's a larger portion who just like complaining rather than taking the time to fill out the edoc.

That aside the events are ok, well the login pack is a lil better than ok... we had qol updates last week, free outfit for active players, the whining from everyone cept Dosu so far seems unfounded.

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last week wasTedsᴾᴴᴵᴸ テッド which ironically this week wrote "what a joke events" or something now this person... they all say the same thing "go do survey" or "go do feedback" meanwhile no one even reads those... ironically this complains achieve more then those feedbacks which is nothing to begin with.. and heavens forbid if the coincidence of something being in cycle that some people asked for in survey cuz they gonna ride it till the sun and back...

maybe, maybe one day those people who cries about people complaining, maybe one wonderful day they realize that most people complaining do it to better the game, most people love the game as flawed as it is and want better for the game and the experience of other users

but i guess censor is a thing...

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  • The_X On 2022-07-27 20:21:42
  • tailed beasts and fish mania...

    as for the dude that thinks he destroyed me in an argument just cuz he posted few hours before the topic was closed.... ill say this, i never replied to your first comment cuz it was clear that you had your response long before you posted your original comment cuz your reply had little to nothing to do with what i said, or maybe reading is a problem, who knows

    edit: do they finally add the thing in ninja menu where you can see how your combo works? or am i reading wrong or is refereed to something else

The last one is on me, didn't realize that the thread is about to close. for the other thread you had enough time to respond, (check the date) some even were able to comment.

Tried to see if you will respond but it seems the very active person in the forum suddenly stop posting (chek your own history chats).

Anyway, I have presented 2 arguments now. The question is, do you understand the 2 concepts that I've presented.

(1) Why the events seem to favor new servers.

(2) The Naruto online game is a strategy game.

Negative feedback: The event *s, maybe it is better if they change someting blah blah blah

Demanding people: events *s, give us this, give us that.

Demanding people are the noisiest yet they seem not to get the whole idea. And the worst thing, other people get influenced by those annoying ones.

Again and again, I tried to sugar coat things since I want to avoid making that bad of an impression to those people, but it seems that y sweet words won't work to those people. Time to make them realize what it is that they are doing wrong, it seems.

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I will post in here so that no one will need to backread. If deleted by the mods then you'll have to search in my chat history.

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from this thread

Why do you play?

1. This is an online game.

2. Clearly, the company's target audience are the rich people (especially whales) from the newer servers. And that is the main reason why for older servers, the rewards *. For newer ones, the rewards are so catch-y since they are in the start-up phase.

No need to feel bitter about it, but that is just the way it is in this industry.

a. People in the older server leave one by one until such time that the servers/merged servers are left with only handful of players.

b. People who tend to go back will find themselves at a great disadvantage for obvious reasons, as players I think we already know why.

c. Daily events and weekly events are set in such a way that if a player missed 1 day or even half a day worth of experiences/stamina/event rewards, other players can instantly outran him especially during fresh stages of the server (1-6months or perhaps could extend even further). Applies to both spenders and free players. What more if he missed more than a day due to real life work, studies, commitments, etc.

d. Having the urge to reach the maximum potential battle power + initiative + high stats and to compete with the other players, the returning player will just have to move to a newer server and have a fresh start leaving behind his old account - along with the progress and the burned money used to cultivate that account. Again applies to spenders and non spenders.

Knowing this, the game will just have to generate more and more servers since more and more whales are taking the bait and are willing to spend money. They want to feel superior that is why they move to another server with many active players and throw in some more cash into the game. Spenders in the older servers will just serve as bonus income as the game already profited from them back in the days. And the cycle continues...

Once you understand this concept, why the DEVs seem not to care about feedbacks and rants from the helpless naïve players, then it will be much easier for you to assess your real goal why you play this game in the first place. And people ranting in this page are the ones who feel they were deceived by the game while in fact it is their high expectation that is eating their emotions and affecting their judgements.

Given the situation, from the efforts put into the daily/week events, the responses (or non-existent response to some concerns) from the community feedback, and so on, people c*ready tell where the game is heading, what the priorities are, and where the DEVs stand.

Try asking yourself, what is your purpose in playing.

Do you want to play here cause you want to achieve something in a world that is controlled by the DEVs which is the Naruto Online game itself?

Do you want to play here but at the same time you feel that you have an obligation to correct things that seem to be disliked by many but were in fact working as intended with the Developers vision and mission in creating/managing the game?

Do you want the management to adjust to your needs even though they have a framework of their own in their very own game that you seem to be participating in?

People spend not because they were forced to, but because they chose to. The solution to your problem is so simple. Why stay then if you don't like the game at all. If you choose to stay, then just live with it all, along with the rules and whatnot. Your vision does not always need to match with the DEVs'. Manage your expectations.

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from this thread:

Throwing intimidating remarks to a mistaken 'newbie player' not knowing that it is me all along, might not be the best move for some. haha

Looks like some people go active again when I go off for a while. Still waiting for a reply: I could've criticize your arguments back then cause even in the economic side of what you presented, you failed. I just chose not to discuss it even further to let you off the ho0k. And now here you are again intimidating others and picking the economic side of things...

(One may refer to this link if he wants to recall our simple yet interrupted conversation - due to the fact that one is a no show for a week or so)

Why do you play this game?... is all I ask xD

The game is all about stretegies. (This is the main topic btw of my post - some might direct it do dosu or whatever, but for this instance, the subject is Naruto Online being a game of strategy)

If you are a free player or even a low spender, then naturally you won't have much ninjas compared to others.

As a full time F2P I was able to get 3 star kurenai summer, 3 star shisui koto, 3 star minato jonin, 4 star full BT kushina red, Naruto 6p full BT, a few frags away (around 72 frags of edo itachi from months of collecting from Greatplates, and so much more, all on my own (before they were given away for free later on in the game). I've been on and off of the game but when I play, I play with passion, I work hard for my desired ninjas. All of them came from hardwork and daily grinds.(Now a days a ot of ninjas are given away for free yet a lot still aren't contented).

This is a game of strategy. If all will have the same ninjas (don't take it literally) then what's the point of playing. Spend your resources wisely and don't rely on freebies.

Why did I mention this one might ask? Simple, A LOT OF FREE NINJAS are given away yet many still are not contented and want more and more. Spenders or not, learn how to adapt to the game. Already discussed these topics about spenders thinking that they own a share in the company, well think again..

By buying ingots out of one's own free will, both the game and him/her benefited from the transaction. The game might be benefiting from them in terms of money, but what they are forgeting is that they spent money to get instant boosters to get ahead of the other players, to claim more rewards/exp/in daily wekly events. A nice finished transaction.

Real OGs know how to play Naruto Online.

Demanding (players) don't understand the real concept of the game.

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As a last note, I am not againts negative feedbacks, I actually patronize the act. I myself have given some negative feedbacks (check my chat history) along with my proposed solution. But as I understand it, the Team may or may not implement the solutions to my concerns. Afterall, it is their game, I am just here to play their game.

And I as a player totally get that. I play cause I like the concept of the game when it comes to collecting and customizing the characters with power-ups and whatnot.

Anothe question is, do you understand the differnce of negative feedbacks (constructive criticism) from the spamable demanding requests?

I can see this thread just opened so you'll have a week or so to respond xD

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted

Only if we're talking about my IQ Bogotor lol. I also never claimed that I alone could lead the game to change, or that I myself would lead such change bro. You're making all of these assumptions yourself. This is again coming from you, a person who had nothing to do with the conversation, was also clearly offered an olive branch and is still here stirring up trouble. I also did respond to his 2019 picture of a survey that was obviously going to make Oasis a decent amount of money. They are a business first and foremost. However, I didn't call anyone, any names, period. Still won't, because I don't know any of you personally. Maybe, you could be smarter than me. As far as I'm concerned, you're not even here talking much about the game, you're just interjecting into a conversation to no avail, because most of what you say is baseless assumptions. Good luck in life bro.

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  • MewlyReborn On 2022-07-28 08:01:40
  • There are those still bitter over feedback and polls having no effect years ago, then there's a larger portion who just like complaining rather than taking the time to fill out the edoc.

    That aside the events are ok, well the login pack is a lil better than ok... we had qol updates last week, free outfit for active players, the whining from everyone cept Dosu so far seems unfounded.

I respect that honestly. Explaining like that make a lot of sense. That is a proper explanation for people to complain, while still managing to see both positive and negative aspects of the game. Oasis is not perfect, but I'm glad you can see both a need for improvement, as well as some improvement they have made. I feel that comparing the negative to the positive is a great way to cross examine things. Definitely, please keep that outlook on things bro!

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I'm honestly not trying to tell any of you guys not to complain. If that's what you guys took from all of this, then I apologize. I'm only hoping everyone can do both, complain, and provide constructive criticism. I feel like that's how we get the game to be better in the future. I sincerely doubt it will happen overnight, but I feel that the more people involved in the change we want to see, the better the potential for the outcome.

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  • AriaNoelle On 2022-07-27 22:13:06
  • I’m trying to figure out what you guys are complaining for? This is not a fuku week. Why are you worried about what should be a save week for f2p? I also don’t remember seeing any of you guys respond in the “Event Feedback.” So again, why are you complaining? You guys asked for Time-Limited with Flower event, and Oasis delivered. How about you participate in being part of the solution instead of the problem.

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Note: Sorry,the post does not exist or has been deleted

Lying about what? I am a NO gamer like pretty much everyone else in the forum. I'm not sure when exactly you lead anyone into that, " For example" statement. I'm fairly sure the prerequisite for saying " for example," is that you have a topic sentence at least. I could indeed be mentally ill, just as you could be. We don't know each other, so I'm not sure why you feel like you know me well enough to make those assumptions. That last statement is contradictory given the meaning of "turning your back on someone/something." Anyway, I'd love it if you had something constructive to add to the conversation though. I'm not really interested in grilling you or anyone else. I just want the NO community to come together so we can make some changes appropriately.

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Itachi Chinese added before Konohamaru Shippuden BT is all you need to see to understand how the management of this game works.
Keep the raid on whales's wallets while players keep quitting and see how that ends. We're already doing SWB with 7 people in each field maybe take the hint someday before it's too late.

Dosu [Six Path Rinnegan] >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Rin swimsuit & Itachi Chinese

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why is there no Crazy Slot Machine on the new server???

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who know (Ino’s Gift Package VI*1 )is what

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2 requests oasis explicitly ignores from it's playerbase:

Add Dozu

And fix Konan AoG

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every new ninja in recharged event jesus when finally we gonna get for coupons

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Are you sure that Pain is even available there ?

Cosumed 10k cp to refresh and no Tendo ... is this a joke to you ????

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