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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 28th of July


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Outside of few angry kids nobody cares about free ninjas. Like X said majority of people just want them to FIX this game by:

1) Removing obvious bugs like mysteries freezing game, Ninjas not doing what they are supposed to, Ninjas not chasing statuses that they are supposed to (new multi chasing thing), Fixing wrong translations. Those are main things from the top of my head.

2) Instead of adding Final Battle Madara 1 week after CN release maybe add new collosseum pvp mode instead or older things like tsunade NPC update ?

3) Add again updated skills for main characters and for real. EM def/res scaling passive that IS IN THE GAME for like 2 years in China is still not updated for us hello?

4) Like X said, get rid of those nonsense ninjas from events, it's spammed by complete waste of space like blood hidan, kushina etc put this useless garbage in idk some choice packs or rotate pool from illusion packs and add relevant ninjas mostly in events. Nobody from new servers wants to buy it. Even as f2p new player you just get Edo Madara BT and you are set for life.

5) Merge servers way faster, my server was probably skipped since 428 cluster wasn't merged recently and boy is it fun to play with 10 people on a good day

6) Oasis "asks" for feedback even tells people that for doing survey they will sent players coupons (none of my friends got it btw xD) but they are not doing it for the game but for their own pathetic job as GL to get that sad salary of few thousand coupons monthly.

7) Balance the game, if you can keep for example splash damage from edo yagura for 2 years don't tell me Oasis can't remove 1 small thing from Shisui to make this terrible meta playable. Nobody likes it even whales and Shisui users.

Those are main problems of the game that make people leave it. Nobody really cares about them adding like you said freebies in events. If they do it's cool if they don't whatever. Oasis is doing absolutly terrible job recently and if they keep it up this year Xmas fukuromaru deal will be the last one. I was trying to do water main breaks recently and in 1 hour had TWO fights I repeat TWO fights in DB. 2000 cross server event with average queue time for a fight 30 mins? Not to mention that this year will have huge games coming like Solo leveling one etc so it's amazing idea to troll your playerbase by being lazy developer just before other amazing games are about to come out.


BTW for Dosu lovers, Chinese Style Sasuke is about to come out so that's your answer ,summer kid kakashi and summer kid obito too most likely from the leaks we have On this note legit one of the most important ninja in the story Kakashi has no playable character for past 4 years. Where are Susanoo Kakashi skill trials or his new proper version? Yeah keep adding summer kid ones. It's really mind *ing wtf are those companies doing both Tencent and Oasis.

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  • NýĠMA On 2022-07-30 02:29:14
  • First of all he was the one who asked for it to begin with.

    A lot of people have said that the game has no future. And hat the game is dead and so on. And still people come and go. People seem to spend still.

    I wonder where are those self proclaimed investors. Hope they are doing well...

    People think they know better until they don't.

Game being dead doesn't have to mean it's literally closed. Before (by that I mean 1 year maybe 1 and a half ago) getting fast queue in arena or DB was not a problem. As long as it makes money they will obviously keep it open but if let's say playerbase was at 100% 3 years ago and now it's barely 20% people were right, game IS dying no matter how pink your glasses are.

Im pretty sure that right now revenue is maybe 10% from what it was before, not to mention that in China Tencent also doesn't really care about this game anymore since Mobile version is the only one that gets real updates. Would not be shocked if they close this out of nowhere and release mobile version for global.

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I mean from the first post of his you can clearly see that he is roleplaying smart persona and that's it. Outside of cliche words he says nothing relevant to the topic. Game is clearly dying, playerbase and revenue is going downhill. Oasis events are getting worse, bugs are ignored by "we are investigating it" bs and those are the facts plain and simple.

He is probably typical noob that didn't spend single 1$ himself with terrible account but on forum we have an honor to meet this educated whale gamer.


This is the first time I have ever heard that someone calls Gacha game a "strategy game" The only strategy is to check your wallet and pick a side f2p or p2w. Guy is clearly delusional... (unless making a choice between ninja X or ninja Y is big intellectual work for him)

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  • NýĠMA On 2022-07-31 00:43:40
  • remmeber your relevant/irrelevant ninja arguments, claiming people had better ninjas etc than what is being offered for a certain week, CN nonsense comparison, etc. it's just the surface. SMH

    I ask those questions since I wanted to know why you make such claims since those contradicts the priniciples presented.

    Well it is not my fault if some people don't know how to strategize. when to buy keys using moons vs ninja frags, when to skip fuku weighiing the pros and cons, and so on. If you can't understand that collecting, grinding resources, items, clothing, ninjas, and the risk of those items being gone for a very long time resulting to a longer completion period are part of the game, then why is it that you choose to play. As said before, it is part of the game, part of the strategy in making your daily in-game desicions.

    Now tell me again if my arguments are off topic with the main idea of our discussion. And if my responses to you are off-topic. your flawed reasoning doesn't work on me.

    -edit to properly match the argument with 2 different persons.

That's not strategy that's just simple knowledge or difference between having a brain or not. On this topic tho lemme ask mr expert strategist here, what's the most broken event right now in the game? Just to quickly expose that you have no idea what you are even talking about yourself about this "strategy"

As for being a spender myself (not that big, few thousand dollars in 6 years is pretty much nothing to any human being that has half decent job) this topic is even more pathetic one. The only difference between f2p and p2w is that 90% of f2p players are bunch of salty kids that can't afford themself those broken ninjas so to feel good about themself they talk this nonsense about how good they feel to grind 1 ninja for 6 years 10% are normal people that just don't want to spend money in games but 90% are pure mental apes with out money so they are keyboard warriors on discord and forums to feel better. Then they beg to pilot accounts so they can talk everywhere that "they" are whales. You are for sure the majority since only jelly noobs bring those arguments about how good it feels to get something after the grind as f2p. Been there it feels like sh1t and there is nothing fun about losing.

Ask that JS3 or whatever was his name guy, how does he truly feel about finishing 9tails Naruto in 2022. Insane job dude you finally have 6 years too late, now useless ninja but yeah feel proud about your grind

EDIT Alkai please, outside of ninjas and like 2 small events game has 0 updates in last 5 years. They completly don't care and all money is used for naruto online mobile. Animations and cinematics in mobile version look like Blizzard cinematics and in our hobo version we have 240p copy pasta animation from ninja storm game at best. All money they made from naruto online they reinvested in naruto online mobile

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Nice spam Nygma, sadly you confirmed that outside of wall of text you have nothing to say in reality. Question was simple what's best event right now since you are a strategist and you completly ignored it, I wonder why

As for f2p / p2w debate it's pointless topic anyway so I will end it here. Just answer my question above and please don't make it another wall of text, keep it short since question is simple as 2+2 = 4


If you want to say that there is no best event and you have to wait for best ninja to be in lucky stars, with best jackpot, + fuku anniversary to have the best value then please don't bother. Right now there is an event that's better by itself th*l of above together.

EDIT2: I will just say that waiting 1 year value for Xmas Fukuromaru deal to get training potions or secret pages as f2p is plain and simple thing that everybody with IQ above 80 should do even spenders. There is no strategy or rocket science behind it so don't act like you know some secret as f2p player. There were way better ways to spend your coupons in the past that you didn't even know existed.

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  • NýĠMA On 2022-07-31 18:13:58
  • Now, your turn to clear your name. As at the moment, I see you as this clueless whale/low spender who attacks people and call them names but in reality he is the one at fault.

    Prove me wrong, my friend.

So like I thought you have no idea outside of what majority of people knows aka spend coupons with fuku deals etc.

Capsule event is new broken thing for people that actually know how to abuse this game and past events like broken lucky *, some wheels of fortune, konoha trees and few other things that were made broken on purpose for "people that know" and that's another shame on Oasis for doing those things so mods can get some ninjas and whales who have inside info.

Unless obviously you are big whale with 4 star Pain and Shisui then this is not for you but for anybody that is saving coupons and has 100k range roll Capsule event for Pain + Shisui and enjoy having those ninjas 0 rng by coupons on top of other rewards from this event, combo it with fuku and that's current big brain value not some great plates or rng lucky stars for noobs

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It's not subjective at all By far the highest value in the game (having Pain or Shisui > anything else even 200k power won't make a single difference) but this clown for the sake of being smart has to drop another essay. You are a complete joke dude I bet your own account with all your insane knowledge and strategy is sub 1m garbage with out ninjas as all other forum/discord warriors.

I like the game and hate the terrible publisher that's why I keep playing. I will end this here and any future discussions with you cuz you are simply delusional being with mentality of a child that in reality knows nothing about the game but drops those wall of texts about same thing over and over to look smart and have a last say in any debate. Looks like the X realised you are mental house case and so did I right now. Cheers bro and you can keep another essay to yourself.

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The X, don't bother with him, He is just a complete noob that is sub 150k power forget 1m range I was talking before. (assuming his account is top1 lol)

Someone just got exposed, my bad kid go back to your cave.

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Exactly it was taken year ago and power is from today so it PERFECTLY SHOWS that your implementation and game knowledge = 0. Strength of an account and ninja count shows if you are good player or not instead of being forum spammer. I can respect that JS3 dude but like I said you are just a meme to me.

Show us your main account then mr expert don't hide behind "I don't have time to play otherwise I would be top goat".

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What times man... when noob not even 200k power with 1 ninja ever done that plays the game for 1000 times less and didn't see the state of the game from early days talks with you about game knowledge and achievements I have nothing to talk with you since you have 0 knowledge about end game activities. What there is to talk with you?

1) Spacetime achievements or meta ? - you have none (no idea which account from 1663 is actually yours, it's possible that it's one of those sub 50k power I just assumed top1 is yours out of being polite)

2) Finished ninja exams? - you have no idea even how they look beyond 200

3) End game meta and setups? - you have no idea outside of watching those ninjas on youtube

4) Illusion event score? - you most likely have no idea about what's top tier meta there and have no ninjas to implement that

5) Events value "strategy"? - you already showed me that you have no idea about actual top value events and combinations

6) Sage world scenario blitz vs carry setups? - you have none of ninjas or power to test anything there

7) Best arena teams? - you have no idea and no ninjas to come even close to having "knowledge" about it.

8) Best 9tails invasion teams? - again you have no idea and no ninjas to test things

9) Nature training fast kill strategies? - please you can't even finish those level 30 no point talking about end game versions

It's every f2p man that has nothing in the game done. Saw like 50% of the content or only on youtube. Has 0 ninjas to actually test things but is first to talk about big brain strategies. Again stop embarassing yourself noob.

EDIT I don't have to investigate anything more, saw your pathetic account and that's enaugh for me, since you didn't show your "main" answer is simple. It doesn't exist or is as pathetic as the other one and yeah spam another wave of excuses you got exposed already and nothing will change that even 10 more essays.


I like your team btw. (again assuming top1 on that dead server and cluster is yours) typical garbage setup: Naruto - NY Hashirama - Rin = pinnacle power of every noob. 0 power and on top you couldn't afford anything else with your 200IQ strategies and min-maxing events? What a sad life.

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You didn't lecture anyone dude you are getting more delusional as the time goes. All you posted were some nothing special old f2p setups that everybody knew of for months before you. There was nothing special about them and again you are totally clueless what actual end game top tier arena / 9tails setups are.

Tell me best illusion teams in the game or 9tails anything bro that will show that you have actually ANY knowledge about this game. All I see are empty words as always.

All I hear are excuses and IFs. There are no IF in this world maybe you would be better, maybe not. Facts are that you achieved nothing in this game compared to me and have seen 50% content of this game at best. It's pretty cool how after getting exposed for being noob and having actually 0 real knowledge about this game you are attacking me for being spender in every post like it is some sort of insult. Am I supposed to feel bad that I can spend money on whatever I want and you don't or that WE spenders pay so clowns like you can play free games or what cuz I don't see the point there outside of obvious jealousy

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  • Ⲁἱɀеɳ  ͛ On 2022-08-01 03:56:57
  • You guys have been fighting for two days, you look like children, apart from the size of the text just to offend the other. Because of people like this the game doesn't go forward, you want to buy thousands of alloys every month and you think you're better just for that??? I want to see is to have a good account without spending a dime, putting lots of money in the game doesn't make any of you good players.

As for you my guy I think you should change games. In gacha game you fight with wallet not skill. Play starcraft or something if you want to compete with skill instead of being a crybaby about spenders paying money. You want to see amazing f2p account? Well shock for you there is none compared to whales for plain and simple reason I just explained.

f2p compete with f2p

whales with whales

2 completly different worlds that you have no access to

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