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[ Bugs ] Angel Konan bt


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Will be ever get a hotfix on hers? Like, her chase doesnt trigger of high float, her chakra reduce passive too, it is reducing myst cost, but what's the point if auto ignoring it? tested it multiple times with pain tendo - when he fires off his 1st myst, he can cast 2nd one asap, but auto just like "mmmm, its 40 chakra right? reduced by 20..... 40!" and uses it 2nd turn.... Why?

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The bug with the chase is known and slated to be fixed, but unfortunately we do not yet have an ETA on it.
As for the chakra issue, this is not an issue with her, but with the auto system in general. The auto system does not recognize chakra reduction to mysteries. We recommend you use manual mode for such ninjas, and/or do not use them in battle modes that are auto-only.
Sorry for the inconvenience, and have a great day!

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