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[ Bugs ] Utakata Edo R1 Gone


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Before starting with the matter at hand I remind you AGK Konan BT chase is still bugged, idk exactly what are you waiting for to fix something like that.

Now onto Utakata Edo, this is a unit I enjoy a lot specially in arenas and I've been using him often for many months now, this morning though I noticed he's not working anymore since last patch. Because before last patch it was working.
Thanks to his passive Soap Bubble Technique Y+1 at the end of the round he would activate Soap Bubble Technique - Dispel which would lower his CD allowing him to cast his mystery in first round. That doesn't happen anymore, right before he activates Soap Bubble Technique - Dispel the turn ends and there's nothing you can do.
At first I thought "Man, I'm slow this morning wtf is wrong with me" but after trying 999 times I just hit auto to see if it would cast and still nope, the AI doesn't have time to cast it either.
I tried casting other R1 mysteries WHILE Utakata's passive animation is still ongoing but there's no use, the round ends with both Utakata and the other mysteries loaded and ready to be casted but they just don't do it.

Please look into it?
If this is indeed not working consider doing a bug patch next Wednesday before implemeting the events, if you look around the forum there's quite some bugs reported that need fixing and I don't see them getting it anytime soon.

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Yeah the passive works as you say unlike recently. The passive activates but it won't allow the cast in round 1.
Sad to hear it, that's how you turn a ninja that could work into a ninja that you won't be seeing in any lineup anytime soon. It wasn't an op thing, proof of it is that almost nobody was using him. With the amount of tools players have to stop a ninja like him nowadays I don't understand why this modification was needed at all.

Who complained? Among all the ninjas that need to be balanced or fixed was Utakata Edo really a priority? Bad choice over bad choice. Not surprised but still disappointed.

In any case thanks for the fast reply.

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