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[ Bugs ] Unsynthesizable seal scroll fragments


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So basically there are 9 seal scroll fragments that I haven't been able to synthesize for a while now. The below screenshots show the ones that i can synth (with the purple names) and the ones that i cannot (with the white names) and descriptions for each. Edit: Also I'm level 105 and it's been at 9 for a long time i.e. i can't synthesize them because i haven't gotten any more of these 9 frags. The seal scroll frags I have been getting are of the purple variety, regardless of where I get them from.

Scroll frags i can synthesize:

Naruto Online 7_14_2022 5_43_51 PMNaruto Online 7_14_2022 5_44_02 PM

Scroll fragments I cannot synthesize:

Naruto Online 7_14_2022 5_43_59 PMNaruto Online 7_14_2022 5_42_23 PM

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