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[ Bugs ] Unsynthesizable seal scroll fragments


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So basically there are 9 seal scroll fragments that I haven't been able to synthesize for a while now. The below screenshots show the ones that i can synth (with the purple names) and the ones that i cannot (with the white names) and descriptions for each. Edit: Also I'm level 105 and it's been at 9 for a long time i.e. i can't synthesize them because i haven't gotten any more of these 9 frags. The seal scroll frags I have been getting are of the purple variety, regardless of where I get them from.

Scroll frags i can synthesize:

Naruto Online 7_14_2022 5_43_51 PMNaruto Online 7_14_2022 5_44_02 PM

Scroll fragments I cannot synthesize:

Naruto Online 7_14_2022 5_43_59 PMNaruto Online 7_14_2022 5_42_23 PM

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This is a very old bug from quite a while ago. Hopefully you will not see it again. You can contact CS in game to get the seal scrolls redeemed into regular seal scroll fragments, then delete the bugged ones. Here is the link:

Thanks and have a great day!

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