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[ Fanfiction ] Naruto Online Anniversary 2022 Fanfiction Competition


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Let us know your ninja's path!

Dear players,

We all walk our own ninja path even if it takes a thousand steps to get there. A path carved by every step we take and every decision we make. Some of those steps might lead us astray, or set us up for success.

We want you to think and tell us how different would a ninja's path be if they went back to the past and they changed a key moment for the better...or for worse...

Chose an interesting path and the Hokage will have a gift for you at the end of the journey!

So we basically want from you to write a "What if?" story of how the path of one of the ninjas in the anime would be if they went back and changed an event that happened in their life, for example if Kakashi managed to save Rin, be original and good luck!)

- The rewards: There will be three winners of 3000 Coupons, and 2 consolidation prizes of 1000 Coupons.

- The story must not have more than 1000 words.

- You must submit before July 17th 23:59h (HK server-time).

Post your story below and make sure to include your:

• UID (Found on

• Server (e.g.: S123)

• Name (The one you use in game)

• Region (LA/NY/UK/HK)

Failing to provide any of the information above or not complying to the requirements will result in disqualification.


The winners are!

First Place : S363 - AsukaIshimaru

Second Place : S1369 - 藍馬雪鳥

Third Place : S1272 - Eszti

Consolidation prizes: S427 - REMei, S1576 - ItachiCo

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for participating!

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UID : 200000092976843

Server :S219

Name: BleckNARUFRO

Region: UK

What if Shisui wouldn't be betrayed by Danzo , and he would still have his both eyes !

Shisui and Itachi would coomplete the mission against the Uchicha clan to erase and change their memories about going against Konoha ,and in the same time , save a lot of lifes !

Akatsuki wouldn't be made , some characters like sasuke , wouldn't have hate towards his brother , Minato and Kushina would be still live , because Obito would be defeated by Itachi and Shisui if he was still turning evil at this point.

He is way weaker than them , even if he uses his Kamui technique .

Shisui would be a treat to every nation , being good at teleportation and no sound or mass on his shadow clones , he is perfect for stealth attacks.

There could even be no more wars, he c*e his eyes to rewrite the enemy memories , and basically win a fight without actually doing it !

He would even be promoted to Hokage at some time around .

Having the Susanoo power ,at this point , noone could stop him.

Itachi wouldn't awaken his mangekyo sharingan , only if he sees his father or mother dies could manifest this !

So basically if Shisui was alive , the series wouldn't be called Naruto , it will be called Shisui , because he is perfect at everything .

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UID: Don't you worry
Server: About that stuff
Name: Because I just
Region: Want to make you think

What if Dosu Kinuta wouldn't have been killed by Gaara early in the series? That tragic event that damaged emotionally even the strongest of us Naruto fans.
If Dosu wouldn't have died, it would have been great. He would have improved his sound techniques further and further so when Madara returned to life as an edo tensei, Dosu could've stopped him easily by himself, saving countless lives.

But most importantly, Oasis Games's company developing team could have got to notice the potential of such a ninja for their Naruto Online game.
If Dosu would've survived Gaara, then there wouldn't be me and a random guy asking for Dosu to get implemented in every week's event post inside the forum.
If Dosu would be alive, Ayana mod wouldn't have quit doing event posts under the pressure of not being able to give players the news that they await for years now, that Dosu is finally implemented.
Dosu's skillset would have give Naruto Online players their happiness back, being able to fight in equal conditions vs Shisui Susanoo BT.
The F2P would still have a chance to fight vs the P2W, who would crumble under Dosu's impressive skillset.
Dosu's clothing would be unlockable in the clothing section inside the game, making his wide fanbase enjoy the game dressed daily as their hero.

Some of us still don't give up hope, maybe someday... just one day... Dosu will get the attention he deserved from the start.
He died to protect the world from the developing team making Gaara [Suit] and in the end.. it was all for nothing. Cause for some reason they thought it's better to have endless side versions of characters than having original ones, which are so loved by the fanbase.
Maybe they're scared of what would come to be Dosu's breakthrough, probably too strong to ever be defeated... we will know someday.


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UID: 200000092896770

Server: 220

Name: ClumsyDrawer

Region: HK

I'd like to see a story where the Tayuya of the Sound 4, who was part of the team that was sent to retrieve Sasuke back in the classic era, somehow survives her encounter with Shikamaru and Temari (Even if she has to be heavily injured knowing how powerful Temari is even in the classic era, and had to be given serious medical treatment at the end of it all). Tayuya is, in my opinion, one of the most interesting characters in the show and she got quite a feisty personality that sadly got wasted away since she had to die in order for the story to progress and to show how far Shikamaru had gone through the entirety of the classic era, and how powerful Temari was had if she went all out.

What I would like to change is that somehow, when each Sound 5 knows that they're about to be defeated by either the protags or the backup sand ninjas, they're able to use a special jutsu that Orochimaru taught them in case of an emergency that allows them to somehow escape straight into Ryuuichi Cave (snake sage hideout) since reverse summoning jutsu is a thing in the show where instead of you summoning a summon, you summon yourself into the summons' home. This will allow the Sound 5 to survive their encounter and make their return to the Shippuden era where they will become an even stronger version of themselves to match the protagonists' power, mainly Naruto himself.

Since we're only saving one, I'm choosing Tayuya and letting the other 4 to forget that specific ability and just dies off because of it. Tayuya will perform the jutsu right before Temari's attack hits her and it teleports her straight into the cave where she will later get taken as an apprentice by the sage of the Ryuichi cave, where later on during the 2 years interval, she would go on a really harsh training to become much stronger so she could rival one of our protagonists character.

I would also like to see her following Sasuke (not replacing the classic team: Jugo, Karin, and Suigetsu, but as additional team member so that team Hebi/Taka can become stronger than what they are in the canon show). Seeing how she will aid Sasuke in his fight with Bee, or even during the Five Kage Summit with her advanced flute play / illusion jutsu would be an amazing thing to see.

Tayuya (多由也, Tayuya) was a kunoichi of Otogakure and the only female member  of the Sound Four. | Meninas naruto, Personagens naruto shippuden, Anime

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IGN: AsukaIshimaru

server: UK S363-Third Mizukage

UID: 200000099141120

What if…(999 words)

“You seem to regret a lot of things,” the resurrected Nidaime Hokage opined as he scrutinized Minato.

Minato huffed. “I just wish, when I was still alive I could have been a better Sensei to Kakashi and Obito when we lost Rin…maybe a lot of things would have become different.”

Tobirama thought for a moment, then muttered: “Since you groove my favourite Jutsu so well… maybe, just maybe, the two of us can experiment and take the Hiraishin Jutsu to a new level, focussing more on the time properties to jump and make a change. It might be risky, even destroy the both of us in the process. But since we’re already dead--” Tobirama shrugged, then looked Minato in the eyes and whispered: “Want to try?”

Minato held his gaze, pausing for just one non-existent heartbeat. To even attempt time travel was madness, but he had nothing to lose except the future of those alive – most of all his son!

He nodded; Tobirama grinned.

They started the hand signs, tweaking the Jutsu as they went then disappeared from the battlefield.

When Minato blinked he felt dizzy and out of breath, his heart drumming in his ears. The Nidaime Hokage was gone. ‘Did it work?’

Then he noticed that he shouldn’t be breathing or have a heartbeat at all: ‘I-- I’m alive! How is that possible?!’

He looked around and realized just where and, more importantly, when he was! This was the 10th of October, the very night his son Naruto was born, and he, Minato, was right there to restore Kushina’s weakened seals.

He knew what was to come. This time he would save his wife for sure, prevent the havoc Kurama caused and not leave his son an orphan; this time he would--

But his thoughts cut short as he was, once again, interrupted by the appearance of the ‘masked stranger’ who killed the Anbu in attendance, then kidnapped little Naruto.

No, he wasn’t a stranger – not to the Minato from the future: the young man behind the mask was his own student who he had presumed dead, who he should have recognized back then – right now!

As the masked man threatened to kill the baby if Minato didn’t back away from Kushina, Minato called out to him: “Please. You don’t have to do any of this...Obito!”

The man startled.

Minato instinctively knew: ‘This could be the moment to change history...and the future!’

“That’s right. I know it’s you. I’m your Sensei after all,” he thus said, training his eyes intensely on the man. “Come on, Obito! I know you’re hurting. I know. You loved Rin so, so much… I know because I’m your Sensei. And I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you earlier.” These were the things he needed to say, these were the things that mattered most, these were the things he regretted not having been able to say back then.

But now was different: Obito hadn’t attacked, harmed Naruto, or disappeared yet.

Instead he waited; not yet convinced, but listening.

Minato pressed his luck: “We all hurt because we lost Rin, me and you and Kakashi. Kushina and Jiraiya-sensei, too. And we were devastated when we thought you were dead, too. But we can make this right, Obito. Let me be there for you, as your Sensei. Let me help you deal with mourning her, let me help you work things out between you and Kakashi. Together, as a team. Just...let my son go and put away those explosive tags; come back to Konoha, Obito. It’s not too late to do the right thing.” He reached out his hand tentatively.

“Remember your dream: you wanted to be Hokage. The first Uchiha Hokage in the history of Konoha. And you can still fulfil this dream. For Rin’s sake. So Rin can watch you closely from the Heavens, proudly smiling for the man you still can become. Now look at my little baby; his name is Naruto. Become a Hokage my son may one day look up to. It’s not too late to be that man. You just have to let go, forsake your destructive plans and come back to Konoha, Obito...come home to us.”

The masked man cautiously lifted his hand, baby Naruto still tucked in his other arm. Minato waited, hoped, held his breath… and only released it when the man took off his mask to reveal that he, indeed, was Obito Uchiha. His face was scarred, there was even more emotional hurt visible in his mien, in his sharingan. “Minato-Sensei...” he rasped.

Minato nodded assertively, his hand still outstretched. “That’s right. I’m here for you now. We’ll work this out together, okay? Just...for now, let my son go, so I can reforge the seal on Kushina lest she might die. And then we’ll all go back to Konoha. Together, yes? No harm done.”

Obito looked at the baby in his arm – his Sensei’s son, shuddered a breath, then slightly nodded. “I’ll take care of your son while you save her.” He didn’t take Minato’s hand, but for now that was enough. Kushina would live to see tomorrow.

And Minato had a second chance to live this life with her, see his son grow up, fix things between his students, eventually hand the reins over to the very first Uchiha Hokage; and with Obito’s help and insight on Madara’s schenanigans foil his plans and wage a very different war: the Uchiha clan would remain alive, as the final recognition put them right at the heart of the village society and appeased their frustration. Danzo wouldn’t plot genocide and Itachi and Sasuke could remain in the village, growing up under Obito’s ideals and aiding him in attaining a peaceful shinobi world…

And Naruto? He could lead a happier life as the next Jinchuuriki and follow in Obito’s footsteps as the Rokudaime Hokage.

Madara (and Zetsu and Kagura) would still be a threat to deal with, but the hands would have been dealt quite differently.

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UID: 318060525335459

Server: S1973

Name: MinatoNamikaze

Region: HK

What if shisui still alive and make a genjetsu on his clan to stop them from starting a war agains konoha ...but danzo still don't trust the uchiha clan so he hires the Akatsuke to kill them ... the war have started and only some of the uchiha's make it alive like shisui and itachi and his father... sasuke is dead ... orochimaro get's shisui's after the war end .... itachi and his father demands the head of danzo and orochimaro for what they did .... ... danzo escape the village and become wanted in bingo book ...orochimaro tries to destroy the village and kill Hiruzen but itachi come and the cooperate to kill orochimaro and they succeed ......after that naruto trains and the Akatsuke start looking for the tailed beasts to capture them and they do ... when it comes to naruto jiraya dies protecting him .... ....and it's for the itachi and his father to rescue the situation ...the one that they tried to kill have rescued them how unfaire for the uchiha clan they had sacrificed a lot to protect konoha but they betrayed them

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UID = 300016887689340 Server and IGN = S850TOMBOLOCKDOWN Region = HK

Many people have regrets some things they wish they could of done different, yet many times cir*stances dictate our actions more than we can imagine. Madara's path was to aim to be the strongest, having seen what weakness in an unforgiving era will result, yet he failed to defeat the Senju and his ego was check by both Hashirama and Tobirama pushing him down a solitary route. Going back in time, what if Madara did not choose to leave Konoha and walk a lone path of his own, and instead made good with Tobirama, received support in return and became the 2nd Hokage. Would there be more pending fallout between the Senju and Uchiha reenacted before the Uchiha dominated control? Would the Uchiha be seen as too clan bias and isolated from the rest ? How big a civil war in Konoha would be? Can Madara be the real voice of unity after the chaos within the village that would voice that clan bias had to be put aside, and help all remaining ninjas learn to merge and form diverse group in better combination than just *ing to their clan and specialties. Being the Leader of many clans is after all not the same as being just the Uchiha Leader. Madara will need to think again if he would putting the Uchiha first as his means of raising the standard for all clans or just his own self and ego. How effective would Madara's ideal be as a Leader who demand strength, guts and willingness. Could Madara and Tobirama find a better way to unlock the Uchiha's bloodline limit and pass down the secret rites to booster the generic Uchiha clan thereby strengthening the clan hold on Kohona and or develop new warpaths for all generic clans of ninja as they loom on facing other Villages in an eventually attempt to subjugate each other or maintain the status quo.

Would Madara choose to be the voice of peace if he was the Hokage, would he lead Kohoha in training and and learn to get along with civilians. Would Madara slowly lost his goal of strength for himself as instead struggle to find strength and unity of all his ninja clans which he will need be willing to take responsibility for ? The path of who took the leadership and how the leader would choose goals for his people is a great decision and responsibility. That which will shape the future of the rest of the upcoming ninjas. Or would Madara's ninjas be ones who carve out bloodshed once more. Can there ever be lasting peace? What if the strongest is truly in charge? What then will be the meaning of a true Ninja this day? Only by living and persevering down the paths of chances and making choices can we find out.

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UID: 311553046288124 Server:1956 Youthful Charm Name: KingFil ( with fancy letters) Region:UK

So what if naruto didnt manage to beat kurama and unlock his potential kcm and join the war a lot stronger than before. Now lets leave the plot armor behind and think , maybe even with the help provided by kushina naruto still wouldnt get kuramas chakra. Then naruto certainly would not be as strong as sasuke and hell he wouldnt be able to help all the shinobis when obito gnw tried to kill em all with 10 tails. The fact is that naruto , would just stay behind and let sasuke do the rest xD ( sasuke fan here) so sasuke would get even more spotlight :P. But real talk naruto would be so different without kuramas power and ik that couldnt be possible cause of child of prophecy and plot armor and blabla xD but still had to think about that cause it could be interesting to see naruto growing just using his "grinded power and skills" without the help of kurama. ig something like that we can find out on boruto now that naruto lost kurama ...

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UID: 300047080494679

Server: S1272

Region: UK
IGN: Eszti

The Emperor

This feeling... nothing compares to it... this is what he’s living for!.. The rush of adrenaline as he puts his life on the line, the exhilaration as he slays his enemies, and the pure euphoria when he finally stands alone and victorious on the battlefield! Oh, this power he was seeking – the power he has – over everyone and everything, and finally, he’s complete - no one stands in his way anymore, no one can challenge him! His roaring laughter fills the battlefield, putting fear in his opponents’ and comrades’ hearts alike.

He lowers his weapon and looks down on his slain enemy. The Tsuchikage. Stubborn man, but he put up a good fight. His particle release jutsu melted his impenetrable Susanoo like it was nothing! His grin during the fight still hadn’t vanished from his own face. What a battle! His foe was a strong man, leading a strong people. Hard as rock. But rock can be crushed. „Public executions will begin tomorrow.” – has was thinking as he turned around and started walking back to his tent. The battle is over; with their leader dead, the Hidden Stone ninjas are crushed everywhere by his Uchiha troops.

As he walks through the battlefield, he barks a few commands here and there, but his mind is not in the present anymore. Coming off the high of the battle, he couldn’t help but reminiscing the path that led him there. He tasted battle as young as six years old, when he took the life of his first Senju, who ambushed them as they were traveling home from a trading trip. He became an adult at that tender age, but he never looked back for a second, seeking out his enemies, defeated them wherever he found them. That’s the world we live in, the only thing that matters is power, it’s you or them, and he protected his clan aIl these years.

And now, finally, the last of his enemies lays in his own blood, and he brings peace and order to these people too, to the entire World!

„The Tsuchikage – pfff... what foolishness!” – he huffed in anger. „Hashirama’s failed experiment ends today.” He warned his friend about it many times: nothing will change by creating villages from warring clans, the wars will only get bigger and deadlier. Foolish Hashirama, he never understood how our world works. You can’t unite the clans like equals, and why should you? Why should the Uchihas – the greatest of them all – be assimilated into the swamp of their lesser rivals? They are meant to lead the world, HE was meant to lead the world!

„Naive Hashirama.” His heart was in the right place, but he lacked the strength to do what had to be done. „Hashirama, my old friend.” In the end, their differences led them on the path they meant to take: and finally, in the Valley of the End it erupted in the greatest battle he’s ever fought! He laughed out in joy just thinking about it! What a battle that was! Fighting against his best friend, the only man he respected and considered to be his equal!.. or almost his equal. He had to sacrifice one of his eyes to kill him, but he was victorious.

He took on the cloak and hat of the Hokage, and continued to lead his people in his dead friend’s place. He even took his wife – a powerful jinchuuriki in the palm of his hands. He quickly dealt with any resistance – a village needs a strong, powerful leader. „ Godd4mn Tobirama!” – he was seething in anger just thinking about him. Watching him die slowly, from the hole he blew in his stomach was deliciously satisfying. „For Izuna!” But the opposition hasn’t ended with him, the Hyuga uprising proved that clans should not mix – especially if they try to challenge the might of the Uchiha. But after eradicating them, the village was finally peaceful, in order and strong.

From then, he continued to seek out his enemies outside the village. And finally, after the occupation of the Hidden Sand he threw away the foolish title of the Hokage, and became what he was destined to be: the Emperor.

And here he is now, at the end of the road. Nothing stands in his way, nobody to oppose him. Finally, he brought peace and order to the world.

He should feel triumphant, but instead, he feels... emptiness. The high of the battle is gone, and there will be no more battles. Nobody to defeat, nothing to fight for.

He steps into his tent and looks around. Not much in it, a futon for sleeping, a small desk to write his orders. Empty. Then something in the dark corner catches his eyes. Something... (or someone?) emerges from the shadows. Is it even human?

„Who are you?” – the shadowy figure doesn’t look too dangerous, but he doesn’t take his rinnegan off it.

The shadow emerges and takes the form of.. almost a human, but not quite.

„I greet you, Uchiha Madara! My name is Zetsu, and I’m here to help you.”

„What would I need your help for?” – he asked with disgust from looking at the weird creature.

„You vanquished your enemies with your might, and became Emperor of the world! But there are greater foes beyond the veils of your reality, and they are gods you can’t fight unless you yourself become one! I can help you gain the power of the gods! – Come, claim your destiny!”

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UID : 200000101963762

Server : 1704

Name : Thranduil

Region : UK

What if jiraiya was able to come and save the 3rd hokage from orochimaru

If Jiraiya would have been able to come and save 3rd hokage that means that tsunade would most likely not come back to the village and be the 5th hokage and teach sakura to master her chakra and teach her medical ninjutsu . If jiraiya came there would be high chances that orochimaru and kabuto to be captured

and it could make sasuke remain in the village making naruto remain too and not go with jiraiya to train himself to make sasuke come back to the village. Obito would still start the 4th great ninja war. The 4th ninja war would be harder for obito since there are low chances that madara would be revived and alone he didn't to that good . Also sasuke and naruto would not be able to get the rinnegan and the six path's power since there are low chances for them to die.

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“Why? What’s wrong with you? Hey!”

“What do you care? It’s none of your business…. Why? Why do you care so much about me?”

“It’s because I…. Finally have a bond with someone.”

‘A bond, huh. You’re right Naruto. I’ve felt it all this time too’

“Come, Naruto! I know now that I have to sever that bond!”



“I’m sorry, Sasuke... But this is it……..”

“He wept tears of blood and slaughtered his own flesh and blood for the sake of his village…. But he could not kill you. Do you understand what that means?”

Rain. The sky was crying. Tears rolled down his cheeks. Mourned for himself, for the ones he loved and lost. The future was darker than black, provided that he had something called ‘future’.

‘No… No!!!!! This is not true, can’t be true. All are lies. Liars! Big brother… Why….. Konoha………… Uchiha clan…… Father…. Mother…… Big brother……. It shouldn’t have been like this…. No….. If…. If only….. What if…….. Naruto…’


“What the hell are you?”

“Your friend!”

“In fact, you become my closest friend.”

“Then, why?”

“What does someone who’s always been alone know about me? I’m suffering because of the bonds I have!! What would you know about how it feels to lose all of that?!”

“I will never hurt you, abandon you!”

“It is too late, I can’t go back anymore….. Come, Naruto! I will sever the bond between us.”

At Final Valley, two boys threw themselves into a fight. One had tails like a fox, the other had things like wings behind his back. Weird appearances, fierce fight.


Sasuke stood silently, watched his best friend lying on the ground. This could be the last time…. After the news about he fled from Konoha spread out. He would be a rogue ninja. Never could come back the old days…. No longer………

Rain. A downpour? His left arm throbbed suddenly almost made him collapse. His bandage fell off as if it knew his intention. Somehow he could hear Naruto murmured unconsciously “Don’t… Don’t leave….. me….”

If there is someone can understand the loneliness he bore day by day, that must be Naruto. They were so much alike and still different. He had to go before more people came…. But something told him that he would regret if he left Naruto here. Hurt. He was the most important bond and the only….. he had now.

‘To obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan I must kill my closest friend. Why I have to obey what he said? I do not sever my bond and even strengthen it. I have my own way to get stronger!!’


“Where the hell……”

“Orochimaru place”


“I know my name”


“You said you would help me to revenge on Itachi. Or you just bragged, usuratonkachi?”

“Of course not!”

“You can leave whenever you want.”

“I never go back on my word! I will help you and bring you back when… you’re done with…… it”

“……. I believe that Orochimaru can teach you something useful. He is one of the three legendary sannins any way. I’m looking forward to our next fight”

“I will beat you next time for sure!”

“You wish.”


“I’ll tell you once more. Come with me, Karin.”

Suigetsu took Naruto with him and told Sasuke “Well, we’ll go and release the prisoners” while Naruto still seemed to be clueless about why Suigetsu needed his help for such simple tasks. Before they went out of the door they heard Karin said “I refuse. I’m not obligated to follow you at all” and the door closed with a heavy thud.

Suigetsu smirked “He is quite the player, eh?”

Naruto replied “Who? Sasuke? Always. All the girls in the school fall for that *!!!!”


“How nostalgic! I wonder how Konaha looks like now”

“This is Konoha”

“……What happened?!!!!”

An orange haired guy cut their conversation “You saved us the trouble of looking for you”

Another voice interfered “I am the Fifth Hokage. You trampled on the jewel, the dream of my predecessors. I will not forgive you!”

“However …. My business is not with you. My business is….”

Hebi team +2 (Naruto was not a member, he always insisted “I am in no way his subordinate!” and the other…. Well, regarding he was once the motive, it would be weird to join) stepped in front of Tsunade.

“With us!”

“Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and… Uchiha Itachi”

“Let’s settle this!”


“Hey big brother Itachi! Good morning! Is Sasuke around?”

“Oh Naruto good morning. Sasuke went to training just a few mins ago, you may meet him on the way”

“Okay, see you later big brother!”

• UID: 200000101821739

• Server: S427

• Name: REMei

• Region: HK

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UID : 200000106008190

Server: 1292

Name: Homelander

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If you could turn back time, what would you change? The way you behave with the people around you, the job, or maybe a decision who made your hands stained with blood that you want to fix? When do you know that everything is enough? When do you know you have to stop?

The question that sits on everyone's lips, is if we chose another way, through which to realize our dreams, will it become a reality?

Ah, but what if it does?

You see, in another timeline, Nagato's philosophy "No Peace Without War" was starting to crumble into pieces. After so much blood that was spilled, and so much pain that was achieved by killing Hanzo's shinobi, Nagato did not let this lead him to insanity. To continue to achieve his dream, or to withdraw from this operation until it is too late, that was the only two options he could choose.

Nagato saw Gamamaru to put his thoughts in order, and to decide what to do. What would be the best option that ensures having his friends – alive, with him. Gamamaru told him, because he could only see versions that could happen, that they would either be alive or they would die depending on the option they choose.

“Weighing, what is more important, Yahiko’s and Konan life, or risking the death of all to achieve some foolish dreams?” Among his waves of thoughts, this was the main one. The one he thought about most often. Peace, the main goal of their project, was very important to him. Almost all of his youth, his life, was focused on one goal - to make this dream come true. But sometimes we realize that we have other things to prioritize - friends, family.

He was, what we call our day, a leader. Because he put the lives of his friends and comrades over the realization of a dream. Why bother to realize this dream, if in the end, it ends with their inevitable death? To fight for something you believe in, and in the end, to not be able to see it become a reality. His personality, what made him a man, is due to the pain. It is because of the pain he and his comrades went through. It's because he joined this group - it's all he knows, what to do.

"Konan, says Nagato, mumbling. So slowly that Konan barely heard him. Do you think we'd be happy if we weren't here?Konan turns her head to him confused. She has wrinkled eyebrows of displeasure, a sight Nagato seldom gets to see. Konan is always confident, for her everything is clear and likes to think twice before making a decision.

"If I weren't here right now, our paths probably wouldn't have intersected. And I'm happy to be with you - to fight with you.You don’t?"

"But do you think we could be happy elsewhere? Do you really think we have to stay here to be able to do this? What if we finally do it, and it inevitably ends with our death? Konan, I don't want to lose you".Nagato, who had his eyes on the ground until then, raises his head and his eyes make contact with those of Konan, who takes two steps back immediately as he sees tears in his eyes.

Nagato, in a sensitive moment, revealed the prophecy crying to Konan, so they decided to leave Akatsuki. Together - and sharing their feelings with each other. The fact that they are more than friends, comrades, family - but also lovers. Nagato realized that Konan was, and will always be by her side, no matter what she chose to do in the future. And that he, in turn, will do the same thing.

A simple decision can affect the future more than we could have expected. And you think, what changes have taken place in this timeline? Let's see together.

Yahiko wouldn’t have died to save Konan and Nagato’s life.

Konan become the definitive leader of the Rain village.

Asuma wouldn’t have died.

Jiraiya believed that Nagato was the Child of the Prophecy – and he would have been the one since Nagato is alive.

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Shino returns with a flurry of iridescent wings and segmented legs. He slips in quietly into the Konohan population, kikaichu a true confirmation to his identity. He doesn’t go to the Aburame Clan, he gets himself an apartment near the Academy and he waits. Naruto had assured him he would be placed here with enough time to change everything, that even if it would be disorienting that there would be a chance. Naruto drained his chakra for this. A last ditch effort against a rabbit goddess with no mercy.

Shino finds himself in a place where Tsunade is already hokage and Sasuke is half way across the elemental continent burning through small towns with a seal on his shoulder. He’s reminded now, of how hard his graduating class had pushed, had run themselves into the ground because of this boy. He abandons his apartment.

The Land of Fire is forgiving to those who have grown up in her lands. He follows her trees through to the Land of Sound, so recent in its making that the settlements are half formed and in construction. He tears them apart in swarms with chakra droughts. There are rumours, now, of an Aburame missing-nin with no pride to any country. Simply labelled ‘Shinobi’.

Sasuke at this age is headstrong, stubborn, and so arrogant. He’s full of openings, his insecurity is palpable. Shino traps him easily, separating him from the other of Orochimaru’s experiments. He doesn’t say a word to the traitor, can’t bear to think of the things that he had done. Sasuke is drained of his chakra. Kikaichu eating at his coils.

He leaves the body in the middle of the rocky city of Oto.

He doesn’t return to Konoha, instead he tracks down the Akatsuki. The remaining Uchiha, and wasn’t that rich, a clan of traitors. He takes them cleanly to their deaths. Chakra banished in all of them, disfigured as Shino becomes a plague of insects. He takes and takes and takes as much as he possibly can. It is repayment, collection. He fixes and fixes and fixes.


Tailed Beasts are missing. The Jubi hasn’t resurfaced but he can feel its power drumming against his skin. Can feel the insects under his skin jitter nervously when he gets too close to where the statue resides. He uses this. He uses this and he finds it deep in a hideout where he had killed Pein. The chakra too potent it burns through his Kikaichu. He takes a sharp rock and a blunt one and sixty days. He chips the Demonic Statue into tiny pieces and grinds them to dust.

He can’t return to Konoha. He can’t go anywhere with his bloodthirsty Kikaichu. He has changed things now. Though, nothing has changed. He is just as alone as before. Kiba and Hinata don’t know him, or rather, they know of a different Shino Aburame. One that has a leaf symbol on his forehead. He wanders the elemental nations with no home to settle.

He dies of carelessness in the end. Two years after his accomplishment. He dies because the problems now are trivial. He knows that the fight with this particular familiar Hyuuga, beautiful and competent, is one that he can win.

He doesn’t, though, content to fall at the hand of a friend.

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Naruto and Sasuke both want revenge...

In the first season, the story would have developed as in the original. Sasuke would have wanted Itachi's revenge and left for Orochimaru, only Naruto wouldn't have tried to stop him. And the hero himself would have gone into Akatsuki. Obito would have been watching the village and noticed Naruto. And what, a capable kid, embittered by the whole world, and even Jinchuriki. Not a bad set. Therefore, Obito would call Naruto to Akatsuki, where he would be trained by Pain.

After a while, Sasuke kills Itachi, and Obito tells the whole truth. Sasuke wants to destroy Konoha and joins Akatsuki, where he meets Naruto. After learning about Uchiha'splans, the hero suggests that they unite, motivating it with a common goal. Naruto and Sasuke destroy Konoha. Obito, meanwhile, starts a war and easily wins, since there is no one to stop him, well, and 2 powerful Shinobi assistants. And there would be more Akatsuki members alive.

In the end, Kuro Zetsu still betrays Madara and Kaguya appears. Naruto and Sasuke will not be able to stop her, since Hagoromo would not trust the power to villains. It's either a loss here, or Hagoromo still gives power with a request to stop Kaguya. In this case, Naruto and Sasuke would become the united rulers of the whole world.

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“But the final decision will be made with the top officials, after consulting with the Land of Fire and the people of the village!” Tobirama argued. There’s no way he would let Hashirama just nominate an Uchiha to be a Hokage. Especially that Madara Uchiha.

As his brother muttered a protest, Tobirama sensed a presence creeping outside their window. Smirking internally, he pressed, “besides, Madara Uchiha being chosen as the leader won’t happen. Everyone knows, you are the one who founded this settlement, Big Brother. Even those from the Uchiha say as much.”

Chakra surged as he moved on to criticize the Uchiha’s hatred and unpredictability, then extinguished abruptly. Even his brother, who wasn’t as gifted in sensory abilities, could feel it. Goal accomplished.

Unable to hide his smugness, Tobirama’s lips quirked upwards under the disapproving look of his brother, “from now on, things will run democratically, any objections?”

“No,” Hashirama replied after a long moment, “but on one condition. I will be the First Hokage, only to buy time for you to help him gain enough popularity to be selected to be the Second Hokage.”

“Actually, I plan to leave the village as soon as things stabilize here, because I want to travel around the world, spreading peace and helping more people build their own villages, so that all children would have a place to grow up playing and learning instead of dying in wars,” Hashirama said. “So if you don’t agree, I’ll just leave right away.”


Madara Uchiha’s face remained a cool, unpleasant mask as Tobirama explained how his brother would like them both assist in organizing the village’s various communities and infrastructure so as to help the clans to better adjust to village life.

“You know that I don’t want to work with you right,” Madara said bluntly right after he finished.

“Since I promised Brother, I will do my best,” Tobirama replied. He lost all his brothers, right now he needs someone to love. What better motivation to give him than offer him this position? Hashirama’s words last night rang again in his ears. Just be nice to him, what more proof would you need, if he’s able to get along with the person who killed Izuna? Well, in theory, if an Uchiha was able to let go of his hatred, they could make very reliable comrades. Didn’t mean he had to be nice though. Only a fool would believe such a thing was possible. “But don’t worry, the feeling is mutual. I don’t trust you either.”

“Isn’t it great though,” Hashirama appear behind both of them and pulled them into a hug, “you reached an agreement even before you started working!”

Tobirama sighed, then scowled when he heard Madara did too.


Tobirama Senju hated being told wrong. Of course his idea was very good.

“So are you telling me that, because a person is a Uchiha, they are definitely unable to get good in healing arts? Or sensory jutsus? Also, are our Sharingan nothing but tranquilizers to you?”

Compartmentalizing duties for different clans would make better use of their talents: the Naras have multi-generational knowledge regarding medicines; the Yamanakas specialize in mind-related jutsus; and the Sharingan’s should be very handy in capturing criminals.

“If people are to adjust from clan life to living together in a village, isn’t it more reasonable to assign duties based on the individual’s strengths and weaknesses, instead of the clan’s? Also, won’t talents other than subduing also be useful for the police force?”

What he hated more, was being wrong.


“Man, that bandage guy – what’s his name again, Tsuchikage? Was really annoyingly coc-ky,” Madara complained as he took a swig from his sake, then tossed it behind his back.

“You know what,” Tobirama caught the bottle and emptied it, “I find it unsettling, that nowadays we’re agreeing on so many things.”

“That’s not how people should do negotiations,” Madara stood up, frowning at the lack of return of his bottle. “I’m gonna beat some senses into his head, then he’ll do whatever we say.”

“What?” Tobirama jumped, “had last Christmas taught you nothing?”

“I have been smiling in public,” Madara shrugged. Last Christmas, at Hashirama’s behest, Tobirama helped Madara play Santa and gave presents to children. Madara had a really scary Santa laugh, but he did gain a bit popularity as people noticed that he was attempting to be friendly. “Though I suspect I still haven’t perfected the skill, as some people are still running away.”

“Not that,” Tobirama sighed, “If you’re only strong, people only fear you. They won’t give a damm about you if you turn your eyes away from them. But if you are strong and nice, people respect you. And care. Doesn’t being liked feel good?” Madara hesitated, so he pushed, “that little girl ran to you not because you make good fire jutsu show, but because she saw you sincerely giving presents to other children. She saw that you care, and that you are a good person.”

Madara contemplated, and sat down again.

“Just watch. Tomorrow, Brother will get them agree on everything. But yeah, your smile still needs improving.”


Tobirama smiled against the Kinkaku Force. There’s no way he could walk out alive. But that’s fine, his team had escaped. And while Hashirama resigned yesterday, deciding it was time to leave for his journey, he had faith that the village would prosper under the wings of the Second Hokage, who had learnt to rule not only with power, but also with compassion.

Kinkaku grinned, and was about to sneer an insult when suddenly half his men were squashed under a gigantic blue sword. He turned, saw the owner of that sword, and panicked, “but – but he killed your brother!”

“And I’m sure Izuna would be very pleased to see me boss him around with torturous chores while our clan flourishes in this village under my rule. I’ll finally be able to officially do this tomorrow, but I need him alive. You’re in the way.”


Now that I actually read the question in detail, it seems that the story is a bit off-topic, as it's supposed to have a ninja who "went back and changed an event that happened in their life". Hmm.
So let's just say... Hashirama's reply in the 1st scene was that thing that he went back and changed, because he believed in his brother and his best friend, and that a little nudge can push them both to the right direction.
Yeah. Whatever.

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