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UID = 300016887689340 Server and IGN = S850TOMBOLOCKDOWN Region = HK

My favorite story arc, or just one of my favorite as there are many good ones is FINDING SASUKE, basically the transition from Naruto build up to Naruto Shippuden. The whole basis of this excitement is folded into from the establish bond between Naruto and Sasuke, how they were on the opposite spectrum and yet were competitors and finally teammates learning to be buddies for life. This part of finding sasuke leeches on other controversies, including being superior and egoistic yet well trained to be discipline and proper Sasuke flexing on Naruto and challenging him yet without bad meaning but simply through having founded and learned that the meaning of life isn't so simple.

Both unable to tear their selves apart from their fates which has written for them out of love and hatred from previous generations. In Naruto case, his path to Hokage as one who has to lived through being the worst and lousiest on his own, and in Sasuke case, as one with a lot of hate for the world and his brother's choices. Forced to believe that the brother he look up to is actually a traitor of the worst kind. The deep philosophy of Itachi's hate for the clan's selfishness over the village as one, sewed into Sasuke as hatred for a brother who betray his family and clan extended (Also in other words the Uchiha's pride which relates partly to their pride over their bloodline limit.)

While Naruto and Sasuke built bonds and learned to work as one team, exchanging insights and smarts in their own unique ways, and Sakura having her own set of issues falling behind and chasing the ever ongoing pursuit for being the best ninja among two persistent peers. They eventually found that the minors of issue can have an effect on their teamwork, and time and again they were challenge to outdo one another both as rivals and teammates. To be the best of what you can is everyone undeniable path. And the best of the best must pit themselves even further than the rest.

Even so, the challenges of the Sannin involvement, their predecessors brought about greater involvement as themselves were seek out as the new talents of the next generation. The leaving of Sasuke after broking up with Naruto at the hospital roof, ignoring Kakashi's advice as he cannot see his mentor's wisdom at his stage. That losing everyone was not the end of everything but the change of a fresh start and a new beginning. Yet Sasuke held on to his bond with Itachi and to his family and clan and past. This part of Sasuke not forgetting where he came from also inspired me of not losing sight of my loses I had experienced. Thus we all learn and grow onwards.

Eventually the saving of Sasuke by his own new generation Ninjas effort and Sasuke's own persistence on choosing his own path forward shape out a story like no other. And it became a central theme of Naruto: trying to establish his first and most intimate bond, with his friend Sasuke and saving him from his own loneliness. While Sasuke also trying to hold on to his own bond with Itachi in his own way. Everyone did something for the other, even if they didn't know they were really doing so. Everyone having their own reasons to walk their own path of the Ninja, all the same yet so different a route they had to walk and in the end the discoveries they come to share. So for me finding Sasuke was a defining moment of intense for Naruto and Sakura and everyone's persistence in walking in their own chosen path, IN THE WAY OF TEH NINJA !!

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I love Naruto's story about saving Gaara Before Gaara became Kazekage

Here, a mysterious organization called Akatsuki has started to move very quickly by attacking the village of Suna to kidnap Gaara. Well, hearing Gaara was kidnapped by Akatsuki, Tsunade as Hokage in Konoha immediately ordered Naruto and his friends to save Gaara.

With a long struggle finally the mission to save Gaara was a success, even one member of Akatsuki named Sasori also died. However, this mission was also very difficult, because Naruto had raged into a 2-tailed Kyubi, luckily there was an amulet that Jiraiya gave to Kakashi to hold the Kyubi out, Chiyo's old grandmother (a cousin of Suna Village) was also willing to trade her life to save Gaara, and Gaara came back to life, but Chiyo's old grandmother died.

The story of this series is very heroic, where Naruto was instrumental in saving Gaara's life, so Gaara felt indebted and became a true friend with Naruto.

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There was a lot of philosophy and reasoning in the arc of the battle with Payne, then there were a lot of exciting actions and events in this arch. Events filled with stunning plot twists, the best fights in the whole anime, distinctive narration, fascinating interest in what is happening. In this fragment of the anime "Naruto" has evolved into a new stage, into a certain point of no return. Now the plot will be more dramatic, sharp, dangerous and even less naive and more adult. Many characters were involved in this arch and their paths intersected with each other, forming one of the best scenarios for the development of the story of the work. I consider the death of Jiraiya and Itachi to be one of the best and symbolic scenes of self-sacrifice among all that I have ever seen on the screen. Here, the most powerful drama is followed by incredible plot twists, from which many viewers were put in a stupor at the time.

This is the middle of the story, the old plot the twists were coming to their climax and a new era began, new conflicts, new ties and a lot of fresh intrigue!

Thanks for your attention

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“You dig two holes when you curse someone.”

Why successful vigilante justice stories feel so satisfying (999 words)

by IGN: AsukaIshimaru, UID: 200000099141120, server: UK S363-Third Mizukage

Many a story h00ks on some form of severe injustice dealt to a character, which then sets that character out on a journey to seek some form of justice (often outside the law) so the wrongs be righted – and you can’t help but root for them, following their every step with bated breath towards that goal, hoping beyond hope for success and cheering for them when finally justice is served!

But why is that?

Why are we so drawn to and feel accomplished by stories of successful vigilante justice?

Let’s find out together with the example of what is my favourite story arc of Naruto: the Akatsuki Suppression Mission (chapters 311 to 342 of the manga/ episodes 72 to 88 of the Shippuuden anime).

In this story arc the Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakauzu kill the monk Chiriku, who is one of the Twelve Guardian Ninja of the Fire Country, for the bounty on his head. The Jonin Asuma Sarutobi-- Chiriku’s friend and fellow Guardian – is then tasked to investigate the death of Chiriku with his newly founded task force consisting of himself, his student Shikamaru Nara, Kotetsu Hagane and Izumo Kamizuki.

The team encounter Kakuzu and Hidan eventually at the bounty station where they engage in combat with the Akatsuki, but find themselves seriously outmatched against just one of them. Asuma, failing to avenge Chiriku, is fatally wounded in the fight against Hidan while Shikamaru can only stand by and watch his Sensei be sacrificed to Hidan’s blood ritual right in front of his eyes. The Akatsuki retreat once reinforcements from Konoha arrive, but Asuma dies in a heartbreaking scene in the arms of his student trio of Team 10, Ino Yamanaka, Choji Akimichi and Shikamaru Nara, passing on his ‘Will of Fire’ along with a parting message for each of them.

In the following scenes it is portrayed how the village deals with the loss of Asuma, the well liked son of the Third Hokage, uncle of Konohamaru, and boyfriend of fellow Jonin Kurenai Yuuhi, who at that time is already pregnant with his child.

The focus, however, lies on his maybe favourite student and infamous lazy genius Shikamaru, and how he copes with the trauma, going through various stages of grief before meticulously preparing for and setting out on a self-assigned mission to hunt Asuma’s killers down with the rest of Team 10. The Fifth Hokage explicitly tries to stop them from going vigilante, but when the Chuunin trio is joined by Asuma’s Jonin friend Kakashi Hatake, Tsunade lets them go on the manhunt.

They manage to track Hidan and Kakuzu down, and an even tougher battle than the previous encounter with them ensues, as now Kakuzu actively joins the fight.

Shikamaru eventually singles out Hidan with his Kagemane no Jutsu and leads him deep into the Nara Forest while the rest of the team keep fighting Kakuzu and the beasts emerging from his stored hearts. Through some cunning and preparation Shikamaru manages to trick Hidan into sacrificing his own partner Kakuzu in his blood ritual and then proceeds to entrap the immortal and bury him, meeting the spirit of his Sensei once more upon completing his revenge as he engulfs Hidan in an explosion, while the others – now reinforced by team 10 – deal with Kakuzu for good.

The arc concludes with Shikamaru meeting the pregnant Kurenai at Asuma’s grave, reminiscing with her and promising to her to become a teacher for the unborn child in the future, as Asuma was to him. We see Shikamaru nostalgic and still mourning the loss, but at peace with himself upon completing his revenge, and facing towards bettering the future rather than becoming bitter and getting lost in the past.

This makes for great character development on his part and allows Shikamaru to shine even more than during the Chuunin Exams and the Sasuke Retrieval arc, and cement his position as a major side-character you actually care about. (Later on in the series the understanding he gains from this experience even enables him to help Naruto cope with the loss of Jiraiya a little.)

But why do you care so much about Shikamaru here?

Why do you feel so satisfied and still root for him when he defies direct orders from his superiors (the Hokage) to follow his own agenda of essentially murdering two men, not in an instinctive fit of rage but in a merciless, well calculated and meticulously planned way?

What sets him apart from the killers of his teacher and makes it feel ‘right’ and ‘justified’ what he does?

The answer, in my opinion, is surprisingly simple: good storytelling.

Kishimoto makes you first sympathize with Asuma’s good sides, introducing his friendship to Chiriku, delving into his relationships with Kurenai and his students, making you emotionally invested in him so that the loss hits you extra hard when you are forced to watch him getting slaughtered just as helplessly as Shikamaru and then die in the arms of his students, leaving a positive, caring last message to each of them.

Then the focus cleverly switches to Shikamaru. You experience the devastating emotions the stages of grief evoke in him, feel what he goes through -- through his own eyes. His loss becomes your loss.

Like this Kishimoto aligns your reasoning and sense of ‘justice’ with Shikamaru’s reasoning and his agenda of cold revenge, despite it being objectively against the law and not so much different (except for the motivation) from the Akatsuki’s deed – killing a man.

And therefore you root for him when he sets out on the journey, you hold your breath when he’s in a pinch, you cheer for him when he outsmarts his foes, you feel satisfied as he completes his mission with the support of his friends, and when he finally lets go off his destructive feelings of revenge as soon as he’s done, you are likewise relieved from his burden.

It feels ‘right’ and ‘just’ and… honestly, good.

Brilliant, in my opinion.

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Uzumaki Naruto – Savior of Konoha (?)


Exclusive from J. Jona Jijitsu

After the devastating attack by the so-called „Six Paths of Pain” - very convenient nicknames to hide the villains’ true identities! – that destroyed our beloved Konoha, demolished our homes, devoured our fine citizens, leaving only the dark, desolate debris of our once venerated village, we bring you exclusive information that sheds new light on what REALLY happened on that forsaken day!

We at the Daily Leaf had been working day and night to uncover the TRUTH, and bring it to you even under these chaotic conditions! Prepare, folks! You’re not gonna like this one! Our insider information confirmed that the so-called „Six Paths of Pain” were nothing more than corpses, controlled by the true perpetrator from afar! But who is this Puppet Master? And where is this menacing, maniac mastermind now?!

Our investigation uncovered FACTS that might SHOCK you! The mysterious mastermind is at large, and his identity still is a closely kept secret of the incompetent, irresponsible institution of the Hokage’s Office – whose inability to defend us, my dear fellow citizens, led to this cowardly attack! But our brave and diligent journalists at the Daily Leaf have identified someone who not only personally knows but was with the perpetrator on that d4mned day:

Uzumaki Naruto! Savior? Spy! Scoundrel! After allegedly defeating the sixth path of Pain, the „HERO” of Konoha was susplciously quick to leave the battlefield. Not more than 20 minutes later, he’s been spotted entering the hidden hideout that our experts have identified as the headquarters of the entire operation! God knows what kind of deceitful, devious deals this dastardly delinquent made with the enemy of the Village, but merely a few minutes later, he left the hideout without any sign of struggle or attempt to apprehend the vicious, vile villains!

You don’t believe it? We have evidence! Here’s the photograph our brave cameraman took of him entering the secret hideout of the hideous hoodlums!


And here’s another showing him exchanging pleasantries and even gifts with a woman dressed in much the same attire as the attackers, who multiple insider sources have since identified as the principal accomplice of the Puppet Master!

evidence 2

There you have it, folks! Conclusive evidence that Uzumaki Naruto is collaborating with the enemy! This shouldn’t come as a surprise for our loyal readers as we’ve exposed this jarring juvenile jinchuriki many times before. Wherever he goes, death and destruction follows! This humble journalist has warned you about him, my dear readers, after the infamous Chuunin Exam incident, where he wreaked havoc, and destroyed the arena built from your tax money, the very event that took countless lives – among them the Third Hokage’s, the very leader of our beloved community! But the Third’s painful passing was only the beginning! This so-called „hero's” path led to many of his comrades' disappearance – or death, like the true prodigy of the village: Uchiha Sasuke, or the Legendary Sannin, Jiraiya.

Uzumaki Naruto had proved countless times to harbor deep-seated hatred towards Konoha, its fine citizens, and marvelous history when he desecrated the Great Faces of the Hokages, and don’t even get me started on the destruction of the greatest monument in the world, at the Valley of the End! Our famous forefathers of the fabulous Fire Country would turn in their graves, grieving the gallant grandeur of the fine craftsmanship of these National Treasures so dastardly defaced by this delinquent. I am gutted, my dear fellow citizens, ab-so-lu-te-ly GUTTED!

Don’t believe the lies fed to you by the mainstream media, the Daily Leaf is here to expose the uncomfortable TRUTH, that Uzumaki Naruto is a MENACE and a DANGER to society!

How long before the Hokage’s Office heeds our warnings? What more do they need to see the TRUTH – and act accordingly?

This humble journalist will continue his fight to report you the TRUTH, until the corrupt Hokage Office finally listens to reason! We will not give up, and we cannot be silenced! Let’s just hope – for all our sakes my dear fellow citizens – that it won’t be too late!

"Consider subscribing to the Daily Leaf - your daily dose of authentic, accurate articles. - Now only for 799 ingots for 3 months!"

Written by

UID: 300047080494679

Server: S1272

Region: UK

IGN: Eszti

Special thanks to Asuka Ishimaru for the AMAZING picture edit, and the invaluable input!

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My favorite arc is the Konoha History Arc [episode 176 to 196], this season, the story continues from the previous season. In the previous season Naruto was able to defeat Pain, so many Konoha residents were surprised and thought Naruto was a hero. And like remembering Naruto's nosy and troublesome past, this season shows all of Naruto's sadness and mischief when he was a child and became a hero.

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My favorite will be Uchiha Itachi and his storyline. In order to peace, reduce the killing, not hesitate to bloodbath their own clansmen, for the peace of the village, the villagers live and work in peace. Join Akatsuki and do evil things to protect the village and his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke. In order to make Uchiha Sasuke grow up, with action to stimulate Uchiha Sasuke to become stronger, but Uchiha Itachi heart or love his brother. Even if he is reincarnated, it is for Uchiha Sasuke.

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The chunin exams

This is the arc where people fell in love with Naruto.

Let's start with Gaaras appearance, they made him scary and strong just by his talk and movements without doing anything at all.

Everyone was afraid of him, even his brother and sister were scary.

Let's take the stages of this arc one by one

1 “Test exams”

Where the ninjas use some of their tricks to cheat, for example Sasuke with the copying of actions through the sharingan, Gaara with his sand eye, Dosu with the feeling of his sound field, etc.

In the end, everyone passed the first stage, including Naruto who left the paper blank

2 “Forest of death exam’s”

At this stage we have the recognition of the power of Gaara and his bravery who killed 3 ninjas by controlling the sand.

We also have the battle of orochimarus with sasuke and naruto where sasuke ended up with the curse mark on his neck, which later helped him kill zaku.

3 “Preliminaries”

At this stage we have battles one against one, where Naruto did not give up and won against Kiba with power of his will.

But let's not forget the chery on the cake, Gaara against Lee, where in the end we had the possibility of seeing Lee's incomparable potential and his tremendous training.

It was really a super battle that will never be forgotten but ended in the defeat of Lee from Gaara as he was blessed with the talent of sand.

4 “Finals”

Before this stage naruto learned how to walk on water from his master Jiraya and Sasuke the devastating chidori technique from Kakashi.

2 battles will be remembered from this stage, Naruto against Neji, which beat and made this last one to realize that even if fate is against you, you have to work hard to change it.

In the second battle we have Sasuke against Gaara, where his advanced speed and chidori made it possible to injure gaara which led to the awakening of gaara's inner demon.

In the end, the finale did not finish as it was interrupted by the invasion of ninjas of sand and sound.

This arc taught us that even when everyone is against you, you have to work hard to achieve your goal...

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My favorite arc in the Naruto Shippuden series is the Pain Assault arc. In my opinion, The Six Paths of Pain should've been the main villain/ antagonist of the anime. He has all the characteristics of a good villain. To me, the Six Paths of Pain is much more menacing compared to Madara Uchiha and even Kaguya Otsutsuki. They should have kept it that way then it would have been more interesting and fewer plot twists and turns as it wouldn't hurt to have The Six Paths of Pain as the main antagonist of the series. In this arc, the Six Paths of Pain (Tendo, Shurado, Gakido, Ningendo, Chikushodo, Jigokudo) personally came to Konoha to capture Naruto Uzumaki to extract the Nine-tail beast out of his body. After negotiating with Tsunade, the 5th Hokage, and being refused to be handed Naruto. Pain Tendo, was not taking a no as an answer and decided to destroy the whole hidden village in the leaves using 'Almighty Push'. After finishing his senjutsu training in Mount Myoboku, Naruto returned to the konoha together with Fukasaku, Gamabunta, Gamaken, Gamahiro and Gamakichi. After knowing this, Pain Chikushodo summoned all the Pains to battle and capture Naruto. Having learnt the Senjutsu was able to defeat Shurado, Ningendo, Jigokudo, Chikushodo, and Gakido with his strongest wind style technique: Rasenshuriken. Pain Tendo was not faze by this, he single-handedly defeated Naruto using his gravity manipulation techniques and immobilizing Naruto. He then pinned Naruto to the ground using his chakra disruption blades in order to prevent him from being able to move. Naruto asked why is Pain doing all that he has done, to which Pain replied that the world could not have the peace Master Jiraiya fought for because the world is full of hatred. Pain plans to use the tailed beast to create a weapon strong enough to destroy a whole country and provoke fear in others and by fear and pain, people will stop fighting. Their chat was interrupted by Hinata Hyuga (Best Waifu). She came to rescue Naruto and was asked by Pain why she would do such a foolish thing when she has zero chances of defeating him, to which she replied that she is in love with Naruto and confesses her feelings. Pain struck her down and was critically wounded. Naruto thought that Pain had killed her and lost control of his anger and was transformed into his six-tailed transformation. With the nine-tails controlling Naruto's body, it easily overwhelms Pain Tendo as it was much stronger than he anticipated. Tendo used Planetary Devastation and creates a giant miniature planet to capture the nine-tails. Naruto called for help to oppose the Pain's power, in which the nine-tails replied telling Naruto to remove the seal and to release him. Naruto with no other choice and desperate to defeat Pain almost removed the seal and was stopped by Minato Namikaze (4th Hokage) It was revealed that Minato was Naruto's father and he was the one responsible in sealing the nine-tails into him. Minato repaired the seal and was able to calm Naruto down. With the nine-tails chakra being suppressed, Naruto resumed their battle. He was able to trick Pain to use Almighty Push on his shadow clones, giving him enough time to defeat him with a Rasengan. The last body of The Six Paths of Pain was defeated. This arc has a lot of emotional moments and amazing battle and fight scenes and it makes me feel that the anime would've been better without the 4th Great Ninja War. If you read up till here, thanks for reading my post. This is my opinion on what was the best arc in the series and it might be different for you. Thanks again!!

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Server: s35

Region: UK

Name: KiriyaEgawaHUN

UID: 200000084593129

My favorite arc is Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's punch. In this arc, the alien princess Kaguya Ōtsutsuki appears and her subsequent attempts to take over the world. All living beings on the planet are victims of the Mugen Tsukuyomi. Only Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi manage to escape thanks to Susanoo. Kuro Zetsu betrays Madara, after which the chakra mother herself appears. There are fierce battles. Obito and Sakura try to save Sasuke. Obito and Sakura find Sasuke, who reaches their portal with Amenotejikara. Kaguya shoots bones at Naruto and Sasuke, whom Obito and Kakashi rush to cover. When they arrive, thinking of Rin, Obito, with the help of Kamui, saves Kakashi while another beats him up. Obito begins to turn to dust. Naruto tries to heal him, but Kuro Zetsu says it's useless, derisively belittling the dying man. All the pain and loss is conveyed in this scene. Before dying, Obito tells Uzumaki that he will become Hokage. Kuro Zetsu taunts Obito's death, so Naruto cuts off Kaguya's left arm in rage. Reunited with Rin, Obito decides to help Kakashi and, with the help of the chakra that connects both worlds, *es Hatake's mind, where he transfers the power of his Sharingan to him. Naruto and Sasuke perform the joint Rikudo Chibaku Tensei technique. Bijuu emerges from Kaguya, who, having assumed the form of Gedo Mazo, is sealed in a giant sphere, and part of her "rabbit" form is spat out by Madara Uchiha. In my opinion, a very interesting, dramatic and excellent arc.

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Server: S1885, Region: HK, Username: Mikasa, UID:300030015578776

One of my favorite story arcs would be the Battle to Defend Konoha, in this arc Naruto has started to train with Kakashi and Yamato to master nature training. This is also one of the tragic arcs in which we witnessed the power of the Akatsuki duo Hidan and Kakuzu where the claimed the life of Asuma Sarutobi. Meanwhile Naruto was training team 10 was being featured lead by Kakashi in pursuing the said duo, the most amazing part of this arc was Shikamaru's ability to plan even though they were outmatched Shikamaru showed his mental prowess and that the ino shiki cho was one of top jutsus in Konoha, This arc was complete in story and the fight scenes were the prelude for whats to come in the future. And the ultimate shocker was Naruto's leveled up rasengan in which he successfully fused wind nature revealing that Naruto is the child of prophecy!

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It's quite hard to decide what my favorite arc in the entire Naruto series (Naruto + Naruto Shippuden) is since there's a lot of arcs that are really great but overall I think I have to go with the one that got me into watching Naruto in the first place and that would be the "Chunin Exam" arc (Episode 20 - 67). This arc for me expanded and explored a whole variety of characters with their own teams like Team 3, 8, and 10, and not to mention we get introduced to Gaara of the Sand (also gave us a look at what other ninjas from other villages looked like). Furthermore, it also introduced us to Orochimaru, that conspired and initiated the next arc after this known as the "Konoha Crush" arc. Before this arc, we had the "Prologue - The Land of Waves" arc. In that arc, we were shown that Team 7 had apparently been tricked by Tazuna (The Bridge Builder) into taking a C-Rank Mission but was actually classified B or even A rank when the Demon Brothers (Gozu and Meizu, both Chunin that defected from the Hidden Mist Village to work as mercenaries) appeared to assassinate Tazuna, which Kakashi pretended to be killed by them just to later appear and instantly K.O. them both with one swing! This mission was further escalated into an S-Rank mission when Zabuza suddenly appeared to assassinate Tazuna after the failure of the Demon Brothers. Zabuza was given the title of "Demon of the Hidden Mist" due to past as a child where he cruelly and ruthlessly killed every candidate in the Hidden Mist Academy and also having strong chakra that could be visibly seen and has been sighted to manifest into a demon hence the name of the title. He was also one of the "Seven Swordsmen of the Mist" which were revered to be the highest ranked swordsmen in their village. Zabuza could carry the famed "Beheading Sword" and swing with it ease for a very long period of time without strain, something even Suigetsu Hozuki could not do in the later parts of the series. Zabuza also stated himself, boasting that his sword "does not cut twice", implying he kills his target with one swing. Kakashi, touted to have copied over 1000 jutsus has been given the title of "Copy Ninja" and/or "Kakashi of the Sharingan" (Sharingan translates to Copy Wheel Eye). At this point in time, Kakashi was already an elite jounin that had served in the ANBU and was the son of Konoha's White Fang. Zabuza and Kakashi fought and unfortunately Zabuza gained the upperhand at one point and was able to trap Kakashi in his Water Prison Jutsu. Normally, this would have already doomed Team 7 and Tazuna, but Naruto and Sasuke hatched a plan and executed it perfectly to free Kakashi. Two Genin level ninjas was able to catch a wanted S-Ranked Rogue ninja off guard!

Now, let's fast forward to the Chunin Exam arc. Upon arriving into their destination, Team 7 had an encounter with Rock Lee whom insisted to fight Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke, who graduated at the top of his class in the academy, and had recently awakened his Stage Two Tomoe Sharingan from his fight with Haku in the previous arc, was defeated by Rock Lee with ease. Prior to the fight, Lee had just made a fool of Naruto with one swift movement. We also get to see Lee's team later, Team 3, which has Neji, a prodigy in the Hyuga Clan, praised as a "Genius", a taijutsu expert along with Lee, and Tenten, a weaponry expert. Then we get to meet Team 8, a team specializing in hunting and tracking, consisting of Hinata , a former Heiress of the Hyuga Clan, Kiba, a member of the Inuzuka clan known to use Ninja Dogs, and Shino, a member of the Aburame Clan, one of the four noble clans in Konoha, known for their hidden jutsus that use insects. Then there's Team 10, the Ino-Shika-Cho formation, formed through numerous generations by the strength and unity of 3 clans in Konoha which are the Yamanaka Clan, the Nara Clan, and the Akimichi Clan. Together, these 3 clans have one of the best teamwork. The team consists of Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji. Then there's Gaara, who was actually the host of the One-Tailed Beast, Shukaku. Now, onto Part 1 of the Chunin Exam, the first part of the written exam was not designed for genins to answer, the participants had to get the answers with any means they could without getting caught. But wait! the final part was a do or die question and Naruto took the risk and got it right, thus passing the the first part of the test without answering the first 9 questions! Now we head to part 2, the Forest of Death, where each team has a scroll of either Earth or Heaven, and to pass, the team needs both scrolls when they reach the center. In this part we get to see the dangers of what it really takes to become chunin, even if its the expense of your life! Due to such a high number of teams that passed part 2 of the exam, it was suddenly decided that they have a preliminary exam to further eliminate more teams. Here, we get to see them have to go 1 on 1, and of course, the ever legendary Lee VS Gaara fight. Finally, we get to the Finals, where only the best of the best remains, and even if you manage to win, it does not mean you get promoted to chunin. This goes to show how hard it is to become chunin. I love this arc for all the new characters that was introduced to us, for all the incredible fights it gave us, the lessons it taught us, and its boldness to show us things like death and consequences unlike other shows who shy away from it!

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Naruto and Naruto Shippuden both consisted of amazing arcs filled with action and emotional development, however, by far the one that I resonate with more than any other is the Chunin Exams in the original 'Naruto'. Partially biased, this is my favorite arc because it was the first time I had seen of Naruto and immediately I was captivated by it. It starts off with the introduction of one of my top 3 characters, Gaara of the Desert, along with his sister Temari and brother Kankuro. Afterwards we see all the genin in a hallway waiting for the exam to start, and we are finally formally introduced to the other ninjas who graduated alongside Naruto. This is also where we see Rock Lee fight Sasuke Uchiha and absolutely mop the floor with him. It was the first time we had seen a genin more naturally gifted in taijutsu than Sasuke and it was thrilling to see. We can now fast forward to the written portion of the exam where we see all the ninjas use all sorts of ninjutsu in order to cheat. Seeing Naruto struggle and the emotional dialogue between Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura within their heads made the scene that much more saddening knowing that Naruto would fail. For a moment, I was so caught up within the episode that I forgot what the true nature of Naruto truly was, however it did not last long because we see Naruto stand up and absolutely school his teacher, shouting his resolve and resilience for the entire examination classroom to hear. Not only was this a powerful statement that depicted Naruto's dedication to his goal of becoming Hokage, it was also the first time we as the audience were shown the charismatic nature of Naruto which we would see captivate everyone around him.

Afterwards, we were about to see some real action. The exam started off very menacingly with it's name 'The Forest of Death'. As a young child it sent chills down my spine and I was once again caught up within the world of Naruto. This is also when we were shown Sasukes advanced intellect and calm thinking when he recognizes the fake Naruto and exposes him to Sakura. Furthermore, this is when we were introduced to one of my favourite villains within the entire show, Orochimaru! Since his debut in the original Naruto, he has been the one villain who has been consistently relevant throughout the series and continues to do so within Boruto. His overwhelming strength reminded me of the hard battle they had against Zabuza. Little did I know however, this would be much more tougher than the one against Zabuza. Sasuke was bit by Orochmaru and Naruto began leaking the Demon Foxes Chakra?!?! This was a huge twist in the story and at this point I knew I would have to watch this show from the beginning and follow through to the end. Afterwards when they all arrived at the building safely, we see fights between the genin. I wasn't too surprised by any of them except when Rock Lee fought Gaara! The moment he dropped the weights, shocked the crowd, entered into the 8 gates, he immediately became a character I would forever respect. Although the fight did not end the way I expected it to, it is still to this day one my favourite scenes from the entire series.

Finally, it was time for the final round of the Chunin exam. Naruto vs. Neji had me worried for Naruto because I was sure he would lose, however when he released his demon fox chakra again and completely bodied Neji, it was a reminder as to why the show was named after him . The fights later were decent but again none were able to match Naruto vs. Neji until Sasuke finally arrived. His fight was the best by far, copying Lee's taijutsu, using Chidori, absolutely cornering Gaara, it was the best scene within the arc, or so I thought! Suddenly, Gaara enters into a state of rage, the Kazekage turns out to be Orochimaru?! Everything was beginning to unfold and we finally were given a backstory to Orochimaru. The fight between Hiruzen and Orochimaru was stunning to watch and tearful at the outcome, however it was still not comparable to Naruto vs. Gaara. Seeing Naruto in Gaaras sand being crushed, I was sure he would be injured, and then I heard a faint voice and we see him chanting the summoning jutsu, and then actually following through! As if seeing him summon wasn't enough, he even turned the toad into the Demon Fox using transformation and we were shown our first instance of two tailed beasts fighting.

Overall, the drama, emotion, deception, and so many other feelings that arose within me within this arc have truly made this my favourite arc. No other arc within the entire series can compete with this one, because to me, we see the true characters of Naruto, Sasuke, and Gaara. All of them are drastically affected after this arc whether for good or bad...

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My favorite story Mission to Save Sasuke

Throughout the story, Naruto always insisted on saving Sasuke. That desire is very clearly seen in this arc. Naruto along with his friends led by Shikamaru went after Sasuke who was brought by Orochimaru's men.

To bring Sasuke back, Naruto and his friends must go through a fierce life and death battle. The mission was practically a failure because Naruto's friends ended up badly injured. Not only that, Sasuke also chose to leave the village of Konoha to meet Orochimaru.

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My favorite arc in Naruto

There are lots of arcs that naruto has and they a lot of them are great but nobody or only few talks about the post war arc.

My favorite arc will be the post war where hinata and naruto got together because at the end of the show, peace that they been waiting for is coming, hinata's feeling being reciprocated also naruto was accepted as a great person and also a hero by the village the recognition that he gets and deserves for wanting to love,care and save his friends and his village also naruto and hinata finding sincerity,love and comfort with each other and also you can see in that wedding day that how much all the villages united because of naruto. Also Sasuke finding closure on his revengeful journey and sasuke also knows what to do and finally again seeing hinata and naruto romantically is really good for the feelings.

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