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[ News ] Naruto Anniversary Contest


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Dear Ninjas,

As you know each year we are doing some kind of contest to reward the most loyal and the most original players.

This year we have decided to organize a contest about your favorite story arcs of Naruto.

The contest rules are as follows :

-You will need to write a news article about your favorite story arc. Maximum number of words is 1000.

Rewards are as follows:

-First 3 places will get 3000 coupons and there will also be 2 consolation prices for fourth and fifth place of 1000 coupons.

The event starts 07.06. and lasts up until 07.17.2022. 12 AM HK time.

The name of the winners will be announced between July 17th and July 20th.

Post your favorite story act below this post.

Also, when you write a story make sure you also add following information:

- Server, Region, Name and UID

example: ( Server: s202; Region: UK ; Name: HinataChan ; UID: 300005691783012; )

The winners are!

First Place : S1956 - KingFil

Second Place : S1855-Envy

Third Place : S1885 - Mikasa

Consolidation prizes: S786 - Emperorstar-png ; S35 - kiriyaEgawaHUN

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for participating!

Best Regards,

Naruto Online Operation Team

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Yeah, well, there was already a survey, passed on the same day and did not receive a neagle.

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where should v submit our essay?

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My favorite story' is when naruto had mastered sanin mode and fought against pain then hitana came petrified until naruto's father came to help naruto, until finally naruto managed to beat pain akatsuki

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UID:311553046288124 Server:1956 Youthful Charm Name: KingFil ( with fancy letters) Region: UK

My favourite arc on the whole series i would say without a doubt is the enter hebi-itachi/sasuke-pain arc( events included such as the battle between sasuke itachi , jiraiya pain, naruto/hidden leaf ninjas pain). This arc had so many emotional moments which made me burst out on tears most of the time xD. Well, anyways , until the time sasuke actually "killed" orochimaru took his chakra and then head to fight itachi i was always with the thought that itachi was one of the super villains in the naruto universe and actually i was glad sasuke came such a long way and improved so much to compete with itachis strength and hell even kill him in the end. But little did i know after a few episodes... when we actually learned the truth about the uchiha clan and itachis motives. All this story and these plot twists actually brought in the surface essentially a new opinion about itachi on most of the funs xD and then when the feeling when he actually came back as edo tensei was like so satisfying at the time. Anyways... again this arc also included the events that happened in the rain village with jiraiya as the headline ninja who managed to take the info needed for the leaf to fight pain. There is like so much i want to say about jiraiyas and nagatos past but i will just say that they were two of the most interesting back story figures. The fact that nagato used ninjas jiraiya met in the past to make the pain bodys was like he actually knew the time will come someday when the two of em( jiraiya and nagato) will fight and this whole fast made actually the story much more interesting.No need to say how emotional his death made me after the whole story that was explained... Also, we actually got to see the new moves and transformations of the characters( kirin, susanoo itachi, amaterasu, sage mode) , especially narutos sage mode this was my favourite. Naruto managed to improve so fast since the kakuzu arc and made his abilities such as the rasen shuriken hella stronger. The fight of the leaf against pain was rly nice with events like kakashi/choji/choza vs pain and when naruto actually came then the fun was about to begin. The fight between the main figures at first was so well made and i liked that naruto almost had the upper hand at first. Then mommy hinata had to interfere and well u know the rest xD. that was the time we actually learned something about minato who at that time was only referenced as the fourth hokage hahha. Anyways, then we learn more about nagatos past which made me actually feel a little sympathy for him for the first time . Finally the fact that naruto didnt seek revenge and understood the guy made me feel so proud for the fox-faced ninja xD which actually again made me burst to tears especially when kakashi came through and they had together back to the village so the villagers congratulate naruto . Thats all about i want to say xD hopefully u guys stayed all the way until the end. Rly looking forward on reading ur essays too!

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Without a doubt, my favorite arc in the entire series is the arc "The Gathering of the five Kage • The Fourth World War Shinobi: Countdown • The Fourth World War Shinobi: Confrontation • The Fourth World War Shinobi: Climax (including events such as "The use of dangerous Edo-Tensei technique", "The Reunion of the 7 swordsmen of the mist", "The Battle of the 5th kage", "The Resurrection of the Ten-Tailed"...Yes, there were undoubtedly a lot of deaths of both ordinary soldiers and elite...and it's very sad, most of all I remember the death of Neji, who protected Hinata by sacrificing himself, at that moment the tears themselves ran. It was very interesting to watch the resurrected characters "Former kage", "Some characters (Edo) from Akatsuke", "2 brothers Kinkaku and Ginkaku". And also when Madare (Obito) tore off the this moment, I had goosebumps, looking at the faces of all those who knew Obito, and thinking that he died as a child...I watched it several times, with pleasure and at the same time with sadness. But for me personally, there are a couple of disadvantages in this arc-1) The revival of kaguya-she appeared very abruptly, yes...Madara was a vessel, but as for me, such a strong character should not have been killed so easily.2) And how the main villains became good-the war itself began with Kabuto Yakushi and Obito Uchiha, but by the end they both helped the Shinobi Alliance in the war they started. I was also surprised that they didn't suffer any serious consequences for killing thousands of people. Apart from the fact that Obito died, which is not sad of course. I could tell you a lot more, throw out all the emotions from this, but perhaps I will refrain. Well, I'll tell you by the end...all the arches of the series are good, but I liked this one the most, and I really appreciate the author for such a job done.

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Server LA S-1855 UUID-200000102216901 Name-Envy

The strengths of the early components of the sequence come to a head with the Chunin Exams, an arc that is recognized as one of the first-class arcs in the entirety of Naruto, however additionally it has been deemed one of the finest “tournament arcs” in the records of anime. The event arc is a lauded staple of the series, for example in My Hero Academia’s Sports Festival or Yu Yu Hakusho’s Dark Tournament, they’re a sequence of memorable contests that intensify the strolling issues of the exhibit whilst additionally exemplifying the struggles of the loved characters. However, when accomplished poorly, the ordinary appear like an excuse to simply get everybody in the equal arena, a “Get Out Of Character Development Free” card that can be performed when the forged is too huge to appropriately balance.

Not only does the Chunin exams manipulate the stability of Naruto’s burgeoning league of characters, it prospers in the escalating counts and chaos. This is due to the fact of its disbur*t of goals, a technique that ensures that now not each persona have a frequent quest to overcome, (reach the Chunin rank of being a ninja) however facet achievements and internal victories. Thanks to Kishimoto’s deft hand, none of these ambitions usurp the others, and none of the characters come off as unimportant or in particular weak. A side-effect of match arcs that is frequently seen when more powerful characters wreak havoc on the “lower power levels” instead scales the power levels throughout the series, fixing the rank of characters due to their placement relative to the finals. The Chunin exams, which begins as a collection of checks and challenges and slowly advances to a suitable tournament.

It’s now not adequate that I simply inform you this, so let’s explore these strengths in play with what seem to be the two most distinguished contributors of the exams and the story-line as a whole. — Naruto and Sasuke.

Out of anyone, Naruto’s intentions are probably the most simple: He wishes to emerge as a Chunin due to the fact being a Chunin is every other essential stepping stone towards being Hokage. He has fierce competition with Sasuke, a tumultuous friendship with Sakura, and is keen to please his group chief, Kakashi. He is personally the most important personality and the sequence is named after him, so he continuously teeters towards the precipice of “Everyone stop and pay interest to what Naruto is doing.” But the Chunin Exams doesn’t permit that. Rather, it delights in subverting it.

In the written component of the exam, Naruto doesn’t answer any of the questions. Rather, he makes it clear that failing the task won’t block his ambitions. Along with preserving thematic thru-line that used to be set up all through the formerly Bell Test in which Team seven didn’t technically win, however exceeded thanks to their devotion towards the betterment of every other, it establishes that Naruto is imperfect. He would possibly appear “destined” for the posistion of Hokage, however the road for him will no longer be an convenient one.

This continues with the Forest of Death, in which Naruto and Sasuke face Orochimaru, a villain whose strength towers over all of them. Naruto is keen to combat and places up a valiant effort, however is in the end rendered unconscious. Naruto being taken out lets in for different characters to step in and attain the spotlight, however it additionally suggests that this will now not be a case of “New bad guy emerges, Naruto gets powerful and defeats new bad guy, repeat.”
The after-effects of this conflict closing into the authentic event component. Naruto places up a terrible displaying in the preliminaries towards Kiba till his eventual victory. He trains with Jiraiya, mid-tournament, to cover some of the weaknesses he’s up-skilled therefore puts some distance between him and his next opponent and he is ultimately in a position to beat Neji. Naruto succeeds, now not due to the fact he’s capable to beat one-hundred percentage all of the targets of the exam, however alternatively due to the fact he works to cowl his weaknesses.

Sasuke’s intention is to pass the Chunin Exams as well, however this aim is nearly over-shadowed by way of the different matters he has going on. His relationship with Naruto is evolving into a form of troubling rivalry, and his a number obsessions lead him to continuously forged a blind eye towards Sakura. He relates to Kakashi in approaches that have but to be entirely explored as he harnesses a grudge towards Rock Lee, whose electricity angers and befuddles him. Meanwhile, he searches for his murderous brother Itachi and his arc involving Orochimaru is set to quickly begin.

In short, Sasuke and Naruto are reversed heading into this arc. Sasuke certainly cheats the questions in the written exam, whilst Naruto passes through a sort of dramatic exhibit of his morals. For Naruto, ranking into Chunin and turning into Hokage IS the goal. For Sasuke, gaining this type of strength is the lead-up to the revenge he aspires for.
Sasuke's development in the tests comes into play once more with his battle towards Yoroi, as he is “inspired” with the aid of a pass he noticed Rock Lee and offers his personal variation. And finally, in his in shape-up towards Gaara, he unleashes the Chidori, a technique he learned from Kakashi. All of these imitations don’t suggest that Sasuke is any much less of a warrior. Rather, they expose the cracks in Sasuke’s personal delusions (“I don’t want anybody! I can locate my brother/beat Orochimaru/do all the cool ninja stuff I desire all by using myself!”), whilst hinting at his eventual reconciliation with his buddies and the Hidden Leaf Village. Sasuke wants others simply as a whole lot as they want him.

I believe this arc to be my favorite, as it defines the story line no longer solely for Naruto however additionally for Sasuke. Thanks for reading! :), Envy.

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  • where should v submit our essay?

below this post

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Well, my favorite Naruto arc without a doubt was the Pain arc. For starters we have a former student that Jiraiya taught that is Nagato, and on the other side we have the current disciple Naruto. It all starts with Nagato's family who, because of the consequences of the war, ended up being one of the victims of the Fives. Great Countries. In this arc, his past is shown, his disappointments, pain and suffering, anguish for not being able to do anything to save his family... He felt weak and powerless. Which is quite interesting, understanding about the motivations and perspective of this character and what brought him to that point.

Later in the story he meets Konan and Yahiko, his great friends who shared the same suffering that the war caused. As the war progressed, it turned out that they had their destined crusaders with who would be their Sensei who would teach them taijutsu and ninjutsu. Skipping that point, let's talk about the fight between Jiraiya and Pain. Jiraiya didn't have any advantage and he knew that, there was an enemy that could absorb ninjutsu, another that made summons very difficult to deal with... But the most incredible thing of all is that even in the pressure of that fight he realized the connection between the "Pains ” And that, was what allowed him to defeat one of them. Fortunately... Not without his death. In the end, Jiraiya remembers that the once-child of the prophecy he thought was Nagato was actually Naruto. With that, he passes his hopes to his student, recording the message that spoke about Pain's power, giving the knowledge that Naruto would need to defeat this enemy giving the last breaths of his life.

I'm not going to talk about Naruto and Pain's fight, but I'd rather talk about the ending. Naruto after talking to Nagato and understanding each other's point of view, somehow manage to understand the "pain" that each one had. Naruto for being the Jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox, the one that almost caused the destruction of the village, and took the lives of many people. That's why all the villagers hated him. Already Nagato lost all his family, and his precious friend Yahiko. With that discussion over, Nagato decides to use one last jutsu that revives the people who were killed in the village's destruction. For soon after, dying due to being too weakened. Now, for the most beautiful scene of all, surely it was when Naruto was received with applause, recognition and respect from everyone in the village, even those villagers who once despised him... Now they treat him with respect and admiration. Naruto at that moment, must have felt that everything he's been through was worth every second if it were to get to that moment. It was perfect! By far the best arc in history.

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Well my favored arc is Sasuke retrieval arc due to the fact we are able to see the badass choji // neji, the genius approach of shikamaru, drunken lee, kimimaro, the siblings from the hidden sand village ( Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro ), and the Valley of the cease Fight

Badass Choji battles Jirobo in a war of power and manages to win with the aid of using consuming risky meals tablet which make bigger his power

Badass Neji fights Kidomaru, best slightly prevailing with the aid of using letting himself get hit with the aid of using his opponent's arrows so as to find him and supply the killing *.

Kiba is separated from the organization upon getting knocked right into a canyon with the aid of using Sakon who well-knownshows that he stocks the frame together along with his dual brother Ukon. Kiba and his dog, Akamaru, combat valiantly however aren't anyt any suit for them and are pressured to retreat.

While Genius Shikamaru faces Tayuya in a war of cat and mouse. He manages to get near use his Shadow Jutsu however as his chakra reserves were depleted all through the war, her curse seal proves too robust to supply the killing *.

Rock Lee, who turned into getting better from surgical operation after his war with Gaara, seems to shop him. He lets in Naruto to move beforehand even as he combat Kimimaro and indeed, after consuming a few liquor (which he mistook for medicine), he manages to bat round Kimimaro for a bit.

Just as Kiba, Shikamaru and Lee are approximately to be killed. Rescue comes withinside the shape of the Sand Siblings who Tsunade had known as for backup (additionally they do it out of atonement for the sooner invasion)

Kankuro unexpectedly defeats Sakon and Ukon.

Temari makes use of her wind assault to drop the woodland they had been combating in on pinnacle of Tayuya.

Gaara proves to be Kimimaro's same in war however Kimimaro dies from his contamination earlier than he can preform a deadly sneak assault on Gaara.

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my favorite in the 4th war arc shinobi shinobi when madara managed to cancel edo tensei and breakdance when he managed to activate rinne tensei for himself

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The part that for Kishimoto is very difficult when Kishimoto makes Naruto versus Pain, especially at the end of their problem. Previously, he had reviewed the storyline of Pain attacking Konoha, the storyline that made Kishimoto the most angry, because he liked Hinata's character, but he was hesitant to make Hinata hurt when fighting Pain. It is said that the change in animation and drawing style when the Kyubi version of Naruto fought Pain after Hinata was injured was the depiction of Kishimoto's anger which was the same as Naruto. In this storyline, Kishimoto also feels "Anger" and a taste for "Revenge" the same as Naruto, the problem is, how Kishimoto describes Naruto's feelings.

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My favorite arc is Pain invasion. In this arc, Pain comes to Konoha and immediately releases Shinra Tensei, a jutsu powerful enough to destroy most of Konoha's villages.

Pain came with such extraordinary power, that there was nothing Tsunade could do but save as many lives as possible. Coincidentally, Naruto was also not in the village when this attack was carried out.

After hearing the news about his village's situation, Naruto rushed home to save his village. Even though he was cornered, in the end Naruto managed to beat Pain. This victory immediately made Naruto known as a hero by the residents of Konoha.

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My favorite story' is when naruto had mastered sanin mode and fought against pain then hitana came petrified until naruto's father came to help naruto, until finally naruto managed to beat pain akatsuki

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the story I like is the Jiraiya Shinobi Handbook Arc: The Tale of Naruto the Hero

a very sad story and brings us to know the figure of jiraya

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Server: s1909; Region: HK ; Name: 106cm ; UID: 384266870525447

(Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission)

This will have to be one of my favorite story arcs for it is just happening after narutos return before he gets to go god mode and become OP. It starts with us getting a reunion with the old konoha 11 and us getting to meet Sai and him attacking Naruto, Shikimaru and Choji. We then get to see he is now apart of team 7 which is great for the crap he gives naruto and sakura, we also meet and now captain Tenzo aka Yamato the only wood style user since the first hokage (excluding zetsu and madara i guess too since it was unknown) the story then procceds with them heading towards Tenchi bridge. This is all happening because of the information relayed to the fifth hokage by sakura who learnt it from the First arc That Sasori had a spy that was keeping an eye on orochimaru which ended up being Kabuto in disguise who had planned to kill Sasori on tenchi bridge which led into one of my favourite fights OROCHIMARU VS NARUTO. Orochimaru antagonised Naruto which led to him almost instanly unleashing Kyuubi. We get to see savage aia Letting Sakura fall to her death on the destroyed Tenchi bridge after more antagonising naruto unleashes the fourth tail burning off his skin and we see his stage 2 Jinchuriki form we then get to see the tailed beast bomb. Sakura tried to calm naruto down and we FINALLY get to see him hit her back even if it was with just a tail. The group finally get to orchimarus hide out Thanks to Yamatos clone where we get too see Sasuke again though a brief encounter it was a nice one ending with sasuke trying to kill them and Naruto realising how weak he is, sasuke was gonna kill them (how sweet) and ended with the mission being a failure. This was my favorite arc because it had a smart ass character a good fight and Loss in it.

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Naruto figured wandering far away from the path would result in death, so he didn't steer far. The path eventually let up into a crossway section filled with luscious evergreen trees. There was a crimson red chest and a sign standing idly to the trees, he walked over to it.

He lifted the hood and reached inside. 'A glove? Jeez, wonder how long that thing's been here?' "It's pretty tough for a glove!" He pulled the old glove over his numb hands, it fit snugly around his frostbitten fingers.

"You didn't even bother to read the sign, figures."

"So what? It's not like there's something-" 'Wait! W-who's voice is that?!' He slowly turned around. "An...Owl...Thing...?"

"You don't even know what I am, figures." Snowdrake said, he took a giant breath
With the use of magic, the cold air formulated into sharp edged boomerangs and one-by-one they spewed out of his mouth. Naruto could easily weave through the boomerangs. "What do you mean by that?"

"A human like you wouldn't understand the power of...comedy!"

"Like a joke or something?"

"Yeah-yeah! I'll try out an ice pun 'cause ice puns are snow problem."

"...?" His head shifted to the side.

"I get it. My pun was so amazing you're speechless right now. Dad was wrong, I'm not just funny, I'm a comedy genius! I have to tell him, later." Using his stubby yellow legs, Snowdrake waddled away.

Naruto huffed, then muttered, "I still don't get it."

The few moments of peace he gathered were quickly disrupted when another monster came strutting alongside the road. Naruto dismissed its presence and kept on walking.

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As much as I know how Naruto and Gaara suffered during their childhood for being hosts, as much as I know Kakashi lost his teammates and his sensei, as much as I know many characters had a hard time during their childhood, I always felt more connected to Sasuke’s story.

The reason is simple: Sasuke’s never filled the void in his heart until the end of the series. I mean, look at Naruto and Gaara: they had nothing to begin with in Naruto and finally gained 'everything' during Shippuden (well, nearly anything, but still), while Sasuke lost everything and never gained anything. Even Kakashi managed to bear the pain of his father and his teammates’ lost.

But Sasuke was never able to do that. Instead, he begins drowning in darkness, and almost nobody was here to help him.

And above all, his story is so complex! It starts with the 'my brother killed everyone so he’s the bad guy' from 'actually my brother did that for peace and the blame is on Konoha'. How is that, huh?

So yeah, out of the main characters’ backstories, Sasuke’s was the one I felt more attracted with.

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Hi My name is Itama and I really am delighted to share my favorite story ark myself. My favorite story ark is the Great Ninja War ark, the reason being is the edgy moments of the war in itself and it has so much amazing moments that are just so amazing such as seeing the legendary ninjas of the past and seeing them in action and the amount of power that they held. It was great to see such characters develop like Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke, and even Sakura. One of the greatest moments of the GNW was when Minato joined the war to help along side Naruto and to see his power and strength even knowledge was so amazing. The Great Ninja War gave me a great sense for the villains of the story to come closer to just think that they are just the coolest characters such as Nagato, and Madara and Kabuto. In the war Madara and Kabuto's presence kept me on my toes and the edge of my seat wondering how would they be stopped only to come realize that Madara cant be and Kabuto only to be beaten by Sasuke and Itachi which made such a great fight, that fight showed how versatile and skilled of a shinobi Itachi is, the fight against Kabuto really made Itachi stand further more out than the rest of the characters of the show. The dominance of Madara in the war was amazing and showing the dimensions of plans that he had made and the precautions he has layed out manipulating Obito to cause this to have a full spiral. Deaths in the war was so heartbreaking and just really meant the emotions were so deep for theses characters and it showed so much depth of the story. Really the Great Ninja War was a masterpiece of all story arks.

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