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[ Suggestions ] unfair training grounds


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i find it unfair. i cant attack someone bec gap in battle power is tooo high. bit for some reason a person whos whale me being 500k an enemy of 2million in battle powet can attack me. please rescale or take away the gap in battle power. bcus its not segregating any. like in whole training grounds my enemy were in 2million or 1.9 million they could freely attavk me. but i couldnt attavk ppl whos lower than me

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what kind of sorcery is this?

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Hello, so you are preferring that the game allow you to attack those significantly above you in power?

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I believe he's trying to say why can he be attacked by players 3-4 times his battle power. Since low power players are prevented from attacking players with too large power gap, he is suggesting to do the same for high level players so they can't attack low level players when gap in power is too large.

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Players are prevented from attacking people substantially stronger than them to protect them from accidentally misclicking themselves into a failed attack attempt. This protection is for the weaker player.

Conversely, players with high power, be that from spending or from dedicated cultivation of their account, should not be punished by being unable to attack people that are viable targets for them in an open PVP battleground, which is why the inverse is not true.
Hope this helps, and have a great day!

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