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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 30th of June


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  • The_X On 2022-07-01 05:19:13
  • are you too new or on the payroll? whichever, what you said doesnt excuse for the state of the events, your logic has a lot of flaws like for example you say that this is aimed towards the whales of the new servers however they already have better then whats in this even cycle even low spenders, the problem is that you kinda dont understand the mechanics and the sort of catch up mechanics and competition in the game... you can be a prty long period afk and still be competitive if you know what you are doing... but i guess is easier to throw money at unnecessary bad events and hope to win against someone that knows what he is doing... (its funny how some people think that whales = mindless, sure there might be few mindless ones that buys what they see but not most of them... )

    also your last point that "no one is force you to xyz" well again you seem to not understand basic psychology and stuff, fomo folo just few things not to mention targeted stuff, create unnecessary scarcity of something so you can sell it overpriced to force the people in need to spend a bit or a low spender to add a bit more and so on... anyways

    a lot of people that complain, complain because we had better, complain because we know better, but when you are feeded with .... your entire experience ofc you dont know how to ask for better (also "thats the industry" argument is so... coping and invalid thats funny)

You can consider me as "newbie" as for your first question but I am certainly not in any way affiliated with OASIS or the whole team running the game itself.

Seems like some people haven't grasped the things I wanted to convey last year as they still are living with this false narrative that they can just join in in every game, complain and demand if the game isn't going their way, and so on. You may refer to my previous commentaries regarding the difference of negative feedbacks and demands, if ever you are just willing to ofc. But in the end, the devs has the final say on things.

Sugar coating won't work so i bluntly spoke what my 'opinion' is when it comes to the stand of the developers on things, people can just agree or not. However you see the things are going.

I am a very competetive F2p so i would know regarding the grinding process with all the initiative+power+ninja resource balancing in every daily and weekly events. But if you consider me a some clueless guy based on what I said then I can't argue with your own thinking.

And yes, it is me who wrote the commentary that you replied on. It's always interesting to see how people respond to newcomer vs old players sometimes esp for complicated matters.

Good day fellow players.

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  • mikkamakka On 2022-07-01 17:28:53
  • Guys, there's no essay writing competition on the forum yet

Hahaha no matter how long or short I write, a lot of people still can't get my point lol. Tho you are right, sorry for the long posts btw. XD

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