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[ Ninja Exam ] Madara vs Ninja Exam 499, 1.48million Earth Main


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499 madara

499 Mabui

Kabuto 499

Lineup 499

Bells and whistles

assist card Danzo

change your madara's mood to +life - Attack,similar HP will be good

i used round 3 resistance buff of 25% you can try defence buff as well

Allign your ninjas in the same pattern it is neccessary!!

Round 1 konan tasho period is the last cheater after her standard use mabui on madara then use madara on bottom Kakuzu your madara must also trigger chase on the middle kakuzu in the same line as him the upper kakuzu will nuke you there is nothin you can do about that.if after kakuzu konan applies igntion on Madara retreat and try again

Round 2

Everyone except madara dies after the last cheater if konan swimsuit is about to use mystery use madra mystery on her to interrupt her if not pick use the myster on a puppet.Dont worry about Pain he will eventually die

Round 3 to victory

Madara will keep surviving how? kabuto crit scale will make it hard for the enemy to hit your madara with big boy damage,so keep targeting the pupets if swimsuit konan is going to mystery target her instead else target the puppets

if you are lucky and chikoshudo does not hit you with the irremovable tag you will tank more

NE 499

As kaizer would say Live moss and stay fre to play...

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