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[ Bugs ] Mini lags


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So,there is those mini lags and freezes,that I don't have before last game update.Game just stops for couple of seconds,loadings took 2-3 more times,that kind of trouble...

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Same issues since the last update ...

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These issues are usually caused by an unstable connection to the game server (which is not the same thing has having a poor internet connection; one can have good internet but a poor connection to the game server). Unfortunately, sometimes the connection to the server becomes poor due to infrastructure failing in your region, and this tends to be a regional thing. I myself have had no such issues, nor have any of my friends in game complained of such a thing.

Are you perchance in the UK Region? Right now UK is having some connection issues that have been brought to the attention of the devs but, we have no further word yet on the issue.

Alternatively, please try these steps (in this order and don't skip any), it may resolve your issue:

1) Clear the Client Cache

2) Flush your DNS Cache

3) Reboot the PC (To be extra sure, reboot the Modem/Router too)

If your problem persists, there are only a few options left:

1) Trying some VPN programs (try all of the VPN servers each one offers to find one that works best for you)

2) Waiting a while for it to resolve/settle down

3) Contacting your ISP for assistanceHopefully the first set of steps will resolve the issue for you. If not, a VPN clears up the issue for most players.

Thanks and have a great day!

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