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We have Hashirama new year and Temari swimsuit in fireworks

Temarin GNW in special sales

Iruka in Great Trea

Is this a joke??

Mabe next Fuku You will give us Moegi, Udon or Enma???





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One of the reasons why so many new players stop is this, and look at the amount of good events this week, Wednesday I left an update note on the forum with rubbish events together with fukurokumaru to discourage a lot, The game is abandoned by the team, they only care about the money, a little fun for the game is not a crime ok oasis

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I don't know about the other ninjas but Hashirama New Year has just got his skillbreaks in CN so it's very likely to arrive into English version soon. However, the others are low tier ninjas. But they can still be good for infinite illusion.

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Soon?!! ))) 2-3 months not earlier, Kimmi (hell) for a long time BT (in CN) still no. There is a lot of good stuff there that is unlikely to be introduced here. But you can’t talk about it, the topic will be closed. ))

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