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[ Lineup ] F2P SERIES - NEW Nine Tails Event Best Lineup


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Hello my friends, I came to share with you my ideal team to close the nine tails event, as in the video I speak in Portuguese, I will leave you here the complete explanation in English, my English is not the best, but it is readable.

NOTE- I started attacking Kurama about 2 rounds after everyone else, and in the first round I went without the damage bonus, so you c*ready see that the team is very strong.

The only essential here is Jiraya w BT guys, the rest you can replace with whatever you have available.

Genma is important, but replaceable, his goal is to make Jiraya hit as many times as possible for him to continue stacking damage, but he is replaceable by any support character.

Madara's main function is to generate 100 chakra as quickly as possible, and also help a little with survival, but the focus is on 100 chakra, and he doesn't need to be with Breakthrough, and can easily be replaced by Breeze Dancer with the following skills.


An important thing about the Main, both the Chamas or the dancer is that you will use the combos per Hit, to ac*ulate 30 hits very easy, the pet can be replaced by the green gecko of pain or any other that has a combo in hits.the Fire main will do a little better because of the lifesteal, and the passive of stacking ninjutsu with damage.


I hope you like it, any questions you have and just leave the comments and I'll try to help.

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