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[ Lineup ] Good teams for nine tails invasion


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I know there has been a few of these, but I haven't seen any topics that were created beyond 2019. A lot more ninja has release. Right now I am a fire main. What would be really good teams for nine tails now?

Currently I am using p1 Fire main, p2 Iruka, p3 Hashirama[first hokage], p4 Genma

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Yamato, iruka and sai with full BTs is good with any main though earth and lightning work best.. Chojuro, mifune and yamato with water used to be good until skill updates broke shark bomb. Genma, youth jiraiya BT and kisame samehada BT is also really good and works with any main. 4th raikage with full BTs is pretty solid as well with swimsuit Samui and Yamato BTs but its not has easy to get since 4th Ay is a bit on the pricy side. and sadly a lot of good teams kind of got ruined by the new 9tails like im able to place second while spenders on the server are getting 12th or 14th because their team doesnt work anymore.

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