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[ Player Guide ] New Skill Updates June 2022


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Hey guys!

A small discussion about the new skill updates that came last week

1. Killer Bee [Eight-Tails Jinchuriki]



If I remember correctly it used to be 70% life, so a small buff here. Nothing really worth noting honestly

2. Yagura [Edo Tensei]



Pretty good, it's a very direct buff making it possible to deal 50% of the damage to practically the whole team depending on their positions. Nothing game-breaking but makes the ninja better

3. Onoki [Five Kage Summit]



a. Nothing much to say about this one, it's just a damage upgrade which is definitely welcome to people using this ninja

b. So this used to be "before each action". I have mixed feelings about this one, it can be good or bad because sometimes you might want to get the debuff removed later

But generally it can be considered as a buff because you get the extra standard attack for your other ninja (possible position 1) right away

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