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[ Player Guide ] New Ninja Assist Hiashi Hyuga


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Hey guys!

Let's talk about this new ninja assist buff and a quick screenshot of my power-up from upgrading it from level 1 to level 10 + 2 nods (initiative one)


As you can see it's up to 20% damage reduction from the first standard attack received.

Personally I'll tell you right away that I think it's definitely not worth using it. If it was at least the first mystery, it would be worth considering because mysteries are much stronger usually and there are many more mystery damage based meta ninjas.

Especially considering the fact that standard attack based ninjas will always have like 3+ standard attacks in a single round, reducing damage of only the first one is nothing special.

Thus generally speaking you do not want to use this card, just take the power stats upgrade.

Here is my power upgrade



46200 power gained level 1>10

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