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could someone tell me about a space time of the new servers? I've been playing for 3 months and we don't have sage and other events due to the lack of players since the first week

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For space-time you'd need a cluster created and assigned to you, something that should've happened months ago but they still haven't done it yet....

Sage could open without cluster, but realistically it won't have enough players

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sometimes it really makes me wonder if joining an older server is better than joining new ones nowadays,

welp if you are a truly f2p, u do have freedom to join any older server without much repercussions imo. .

because in the end recharge is recharge, if your not competing, getting top first is nothing,

in the end: IT is the long term enjoyment of the game that counts.

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there are a lot of people who spend a lot of money on new servers and so many others who are discouraged precisely by the lack of events and players doing cross server events helps a lot to keep people playing and these servers in question need something quick to be done, even if it's a pronouncement from someone who can actually do something

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