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[ Lineup ] looking to create a new "main" lineup


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I'm trying to find the best possible line up I c*e here - My Shisui is not BT (only 23/100 frags currently ) so any suggestions regarding Shisui BT are not going to help me right now, I am focusing on getting him to 4* though so I will keep any suggestions there in mind summarily. I don't mind switching and playing around with different mains. I just want to do something a little bit different as currently myself and the top on my server are using the same lineup almost identically except for mains (He's Earth Main i'm Lightning Main.) which is fine and all but it'd be nice to do something a little bit different but still as versatile/powerful if possible.

line up 7lineup 6lineup 3line up 5line up 4lineup 2Lineup1

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