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[ Events ] Seriously?


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Lots of people trying to buy Madara ETR, Obito Jin, Shisui Susano'o, but I want to tell you how wrong you are. Our dear administration simply put the strongest meta ninja in the history of the game in two events the Great Third Raikage, it's amazing your ability to make the events worse each week ...


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Expecting very little from oasis really helps enjoying the game to be honest,

IMO only, IT is way past the hype days of the erm. . PAST !?. . nowadays it's not a core game its a past time side game. .

wait a minute, ahh yes, it IS a past time side game that ain't worth getting too work up or angst about. /nods

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Wedding Dress Hinata and Swimsuit Kushina were paywalled for weeks. Chinese Clothes Hinata is still not available for f2p. All three aren't anywhere near meta, so what exactly you expect?

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Oasis meme

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