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[ Help ] Neji [Chinese Style] Vs Kinkaku - Ginkaku [Gold and Silver Brothers]


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With the Carnival Event going on there are two interesting new ninjas, Neji and the Gold and Silver brothers. Basically looking for an experienced player's perspective on these two ninjas and if one is worth more than the other.

To my knowledge, Neji is being used heavy in Space time right now (At least in my cluster) and I have not seen the Gold and Silver Brothers. I'm assuming that Neji fits better to counter the current meta that has a lot of healing in it for the most part.

My question basically is if the Gold and Silver brothers potentially will be worth getting? Because I think aesthetically they're way cooler and the skills don't look bad to me, but I'm not a very high-tier player so I might not really be prioritizing the right abilities to look for in viable ninjas.

Thanks in advance for anyone who takes the time to read/reply!
Have a good day everyone! :)

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of course it depends on your play style and roster but it seems that neji is better in almost every case. His ability to reduce *lies cd round1 aswell as his chase reducing his own cd, meaning he can essentially allow you to use your pos 1 mystery every round, plus he recovers chakra each round and give himself "endure" to be more tanky, he is a very very good support character who could synergize well in literally thousands of possible lineups

Personally I have only seen one person using the brothers but that was a player who had almost a 1 million power advantage over the person below him in the rankings, so he/she is probably just messing around, and sure they revive, but its only with 20% health, so unless you are consistently facing people much weaker than yourself I cant see their revival actually having any impact

I have neither and I am also not a top tier player, I just collect characters and am always trying new teams, I am here for fun not paid competition but from my perspective I cant see a solid argument to choose the brothers over neji. Not only is neji common in china and fairly common here among the "sweats" but just from my own premature team ideas on konoha proxy I could see far more use for him, even without running any current meta characters

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