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[ Events ] New Event Cycle - 2nd of June


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  • Basarraa On 2022-06-01 12:18:53
  • To avoid 6p online... If everyone got him just from fuku others would leave because it would be boring, with jiraya that is only support you won't be that OP so others have also fun and you too since you can try multiple lineups not only p1 6p and other 3 ninjas doesn't matter...
    And Madara etr new players got for free so to avoid new servers with full BT madara that early....

im sorry but this argument doesnt hold up anymore. There are already more people with 6p than without so limiting his frags at this stage does nothing to change how boring he made the game. Also the 2 characters that are given free to all new players these days are edo release madara and hashi new year., 2 incredibly boring stall ninjas, one cancels buffs/shields, has a horribly compressed god awful mystery cutscene that takes about an hour and the other is a offensively weak but tanky support character with a control ability, the new player starter kit is easily one of the most boring teams this game has ever seen and I am including def stacking kushi, tsunade reserve seal and 6p teams in that comparison. In fact giving 1 free character immune to pure nin and 1 character who surpresses immunity and controls to all new people means that 6p, while annoying, isnt as big as a threat as he was on release.

Lastly you said it is to avoid new servers getting madara breaks "that early"? The server I play in after a long hiatus had been opened for 15 days and would you like to guess what all of the players at the top of the rankings were already using? thats right, sb madara. There are always going to be cowards like those guys, they played and paid in multiple servers but are crap at the game so they run to a new server, * ingots directly on frags and vials for a character they know will allow them to bully literal children so they can stroke their own egos. Sure down the line when the new people get accustomed to the game and events and definitely when a merge inevitably happens then some of those cowards, who are somehow surpassed by the average player in every server they play in despite embodying the "pay to win" mindset and paying their way to easy wins, they will again run away, find a new server and the cycle repeats, but the point remains the same, the people boring and/or desperate enough for 4 star madara will get him, even if that means spending ingots directly.

**^ I need to edit this, I initially said that holding character frags hostage across all servers of all ages to try and pretend there is balance in new servers does not make sense and does not work, but from a business standpoint I guess it does. Like I said the guys in my server had madara early, it was not humanly possible for them to have stockpiled coupons to buy him from the rng events his frags dropped in, so from those cowards alone recharging and spending ingots directly oasis must've made a killing, so maybe that is the motivation, whether we like it or not, ignore the majority to encourage the minority to pay more and more so they can temporarily run around new servers with meaningless titles above their heads.

Don't get me wrong by the way, if I have to watch 6p stall his way to a 10 round default win one more time im gonna vomit, but this is a game built entirely around collecting, I dont like 6p or madara but I dont think any character should be impossible to collect in a character collecting game, and I don't think the reasons you gave are why oasis is running things this way

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  • teemonly On 2022-06-01 12:29:02
  • So what is this new npc is about?

-How to use:

1. Find the Auto Mode Anbu Guide to have access to the system.

2. Level requirement is 58.

3. Consume 1 ''Auto-play Card'' each day to activate the Daily Auto-play system. After usage, players will have access to the system from the moment they unlock it until 5.00 AM the next day.

4. Completing assigned tasks to receive the ''Auto-play Card'' daily.

5. Under Auto-play System, the system will execute the dailies that playershave chosen.

6. While the system is functioning, players cannot change your lineup, and any manual change (excluding chatting) will stop the system. Players can activate it again within the day without consuming any Auto-play Cards.

Autoplay settings:

1. Auto Forge Treasure Tools. Can enable auto forging Treasured Tool when the time isn't under cooldown. -Players can choose between the 4 Tools.

2. Auto Reward Claim. Can enable auto-claiming rewards from some daily system. -Daily Rewards, Ninja Exam, Team Ninja Exam.

3. Auto Free Draw. Can enable auto free draw-ing in some of the Treasures. -Mysterious Cave, Seal Treasures, Summon Treasure, Ability Treasure.

4. Auto Instance Sweep. Can enable auto stamina usage in Instances. -When the player's stamina reaches 100/200/300 (can be changed by the player), automatically sweep until 0/50/100 stamina (can be changed by the player). -Can choose to sweep in Rich Field, Instances, Elite Instances. Click the blue *on beside each of the option to specifically choose which instance to sweep.

5. Auto Exchange. Can enable auto exchange items in shop. Group and Summon Shop, Space-time Shop, Black Market. -Click the blue *on beside each of the option to specifically choose which item to exchange.

6. Auto Group System. Can enable auto executing systems related to Group. -Auto spin the group wheel (amount of spins can be changed by the player) -Auto donate coins (amount of coins can be changed by the player) -Auto accept supports from other groupmates' Convoy -Auto sacrifice Summon Chakra (only sacrifice a full set)

7. Auto Home. Can enable auto executing systems related to Home. -Auto talk to ninjas in the player's Home. -Auto complete Ninja Tasks -Auto collect Wishing Tree rewards (rewards chosen can be changed by the player) -Auto water the Wishing Tree -Auto mine and collect ores in the Mines.

8. Optimization Settings. Can enable auto turn on some of the Auto-play System's settings to the Players' wishes. -Auto enter the Hot Spring if there's no further Auto Systems that needs to be complete. -Auto activate Auto-play System for the day if the player AFK for more than 5 minutes (the time can be changed by the player). The Auto-play Card needs to be consumed already in order to have this function enabled.

ATTENTION This is Bugged!!! Assigned Tasks: -Complete only one and not like it is written all 5 tasks daily to gain 1 Auto-play Card.

1. Complete 1 Decisive Bonds battle. (bugged because it is not possible to get Autoplay cards in groups!)

2. Complete 1 Arena battle.

3. Complete 1 Convoy or 1 Plunder.

4. Complete 1 Strong Approaching battle. (bugged because it is not possible to get Autoplay cards in Groups!)

5. Complete 1 Survival Trial battle.

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  • SmokeDog On 2022-06-01 14:26:48
  • If i'm not wrong we haven't had ETR in a fuku since Jan or Fed. Don't even have him 3* getting bored of 6p naruto....


I've been waiting for like 7 fukus for Madara ETR. Just give him to us!

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so bad, u need listening player naruto online loll

event fuku reward same, make boring, u just like rich spam money innthia game. fking

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  • 131Minato On 2022-06-01 11:56:09
  • what? The same package at fuku events? are you kidding? there are many other new players in need of a different package, sometimes it seems that you only value old players and players who spend a lot of money.

    Fourth or fifth time with the same pack, I know Jiraya is a great ninja, but where are the first move meta ninjas? Madara ETR - in one of the worst events in the game, Naruto also, why not put them at least in the week of fuku? This game is a shame, and even worse is seeing people on the forum praising everything

If you don't like the ninjas then just pick the PACKS.

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  • teemonly On 2022-06-01 12:29:02
  • So what is this new npc is about?

I was just about to ask that... lol no answer to your question i guess heheeee

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  • AmarshN9916@gma On 2022-06-02 00:11:00
  • I was just about to ask that... lol no answer to your question i guess heheeee

Look 5 posts above yours ...

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Sorry to bother but will SO6P Naruto be in any of the following events?

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ETR Madara is still in capsule event, you can pick him up just as you could in the last fuku

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  • Perfect_Cell On 2022-06-01 13:00:14


But apparently not today.

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You wrote itachi kimono but in event it itachi edo

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whoever asks for 6p and madara in fuku they started playing the game tomorrow... i think those was one of the most spammed ninjas in fuku yet when they are on fuku people (rightfully so) asks for something else, when they are not every new account asks for them...

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I'm not happy with ninjas at Great plates.Suit Iruka,really?I was planing to get halloween Kimimaro,but will keep coupons for better event.

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  • _KPX On 2022-06-01 16:34:59
  • Whatever they say DO NOT change jirayia in the packs, I can finally collect him...

Well you are in luck. Hes literally in events every fking week.

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Oasis meme

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