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[ Lineup ] Help build Team Semi-Whale 240k Power


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All my character :




All my BT :



All summon : I have pretty much all

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proxy (1)

proxy (2)

proxy (3)

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judging from the characters you have that are level 1 and your registered date it is safe to assume you are in a very young server, if so you can put shisui/4 star madara/orochi gnw/kisame samehada/6p/pain 6p/obito/kakuzu earth grudge as pos 1 and literally any other characters you want to fill your team. With the characters you already have you are not a "semi whale" you are a huge whale, not saying that as a criticism, just saying you are in a position where you have more freedom than most other players. so you might as well take advantage of that, just throw together characters you like and have fun with it, you essentially cant go wrong

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Try to 4 star and BT Shisui Uchiha[Susano'o] then you can run this:Oro
At low power tsunade prolly would fit better as pos4 tho cuz if you meet other shisui...yeah
Until you make shisui 4 you can run this:proxy (1)

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I am not saying these are "meta" by any means, not saying you should use these in space time or gnw if you care about that kind of stuff. But these are the kind of teams I would be throwing together with your options, you got the characters, may aswell try them out, do what nobody in this entire game does, experiment

I know you didnt have all of these exact breaks in your screenshots, but im assuming you are still trying, so you may have them by now and if not the lineups still work, my selected ones are not vital to carry the team or anything

canvas 5

^ People seem to forget/overlook orochi having the akatsuki tag, there are plenty of good options with him/kakuzu/male chikushodo/konan variations etc

canvas 1

canvas 4

If you just want easy wins or an auto team:

canvas 2an

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You can try those lineups; I included Shisui [Susano'o] breakthroughs, because it seems you are aiming to get him.
To be honest I'm not quite a fan of Orochimaru [Great Ninja War]. Due to him giving free standards, to Shisui [Susano'o].
If you can get in the future Kakuzu [Akatsuki Creation] or Jiraiya [Toads Chant]. I would replace him with Shisui [Susano'o].

proxyproxy (1)

Hope this helped~

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