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Shisui susano'o/ Ashura/Indra


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Hello, I am curious to see what peoples thoughts are on these 3 characters at this stage in the game, keep in mind I am referring to shisui at 3 stars as his breaks and the price point to get them would make this comparison moot.

I have never used them, I do not know anyone with them so these are my thoughts based purely on the skill descriptions and messing around with some team ideas on konoha proxy

shisui- probably the "safest" option, needs his breaks to be possibly the pinnacle "carry" character, but even at 3 stars his skillset sounds like he is still likely to be a dependable character. Although I can't quite see why he is so expensive when shisui kimono is comparable in almost every regard.

Indra- from my perspective seems to be the "weakest" of the 3. No immunity, no debuff removal/reverse/cancel so he is less versatile as teams will need to take into account a way to support him. Is most likely to be pos 1 or 2 character and he reduces his own dodge by 90% before his first action, so depending on initiative and placement his dodge is likely to only ever be used once per round, i think?

Asura- very meh. Undodgeable interrupt is nice, but there are much cheaper options who can do this and a lot of them have some form of cd reduction so they can hit more consistently than asura.

His buffs that can stack after defeat are nice, but there are plenty of characters with stronger buffs, so really that passive will only come into its own in specific, drawn out matches.

Am I missing something? are the skill translations wrong? maybe im just an idiot? regardless I am curious to see what others think and what people more experienced than myself have to say.

Thank you

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Update v2:

I first asked about shisuis passive 2 Y ability. It is the same as the expensive pain, when hit by a debuff they cancel it and get an extra standard attack. up to 5 a round for shisui and 10 for pain. I noticed a lot of times this didnt work with lightning main players. I thought I had it figured out and that root of warrior was the cause. That root of warrior applying to shisui meant shisuis passive wasnt technically cancelling debuffs so he did not get extra attacks

But now I have seen some shisui + lighting main root teams in 3vs3 and the results are very mixed. Sometimes shisui gets extra attacks, sometimes he doesn't. I dont know why.

The most succint example I can give is Fu. Her standard attack causes sleep, if shisui does not dodge and that hits him he does not get another attack but if Fu's mystery, which also causes sleep hits shisui, then he does

Also, I am not assuming things here, I am only taking in to account the people I know are running the Y and not +2 break and there is no consistency. Am I missing something here or is that passive broken?

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