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Shisui susano'o/ Ashura/Indra


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Shisui: Immune to high/low float, repulse, and knockdown. Mystery is great, unmissable and suppresses super armor, c*so lock an enemy ninja's skill to 2 rounds (lasts until the end of the next round). Standard attack is okay, ignores some defense and resistance. Chase is good, can interrupt and scales himself with attack and ninjutsu 12% (can chase 2 times each round). Passive 1 is good, every even rounds he can grant himself and another ninja explosive (immunity to debuff and 5% initiative), also increases his own chases by 2 until the end of the round. Passive 2 is good, can rebound 2 debuffs that he receives also the attacking ninja will have their critical hit reduced by 50% (lasts until end of round and cannot stack). Overall the best even at 3 stars out of these three ninjas. Cannot be compared when 4 stars, full breakthroughs.

Indra: Has no immunity. Good mystery that suppresses immunity, interrupts, and causes anxiety. Standard can cause irremovable paralysis. Chase is a variable but really good depending on whether you can activate it, causes irremovable ignition. Passive 1 is okay if you have less initiative than your opponent, so should be pos 2-3 nin. Passive 2 is pretty good, does heavy damage to 1 enemy ninja in the front row (plus any ninjas that have ignition) and whoever attacks him will get irremovable ignition. Overall good ninja but does not have immunity which is a shame.

Ashura: Immune to debuffs. Good mystery that is unmissable and interrupts also gives enfeeble and suppresses immunity to debuffs to a selected ninja however only lasts until the end of that round (Cooldown is 3 rounds, unfortunately). Standard is good, reduces defense and resistance by 8%, and causes low float. Chase is good, causes immobile with a max chase of 5 (increases by 1 every round). Passive 1 is good if you can trigger his chases, however, you cannot get 100% dodge because his dodge percent is decreased by 10 each round, also when he dodges an attack, deals up to 15% of his missing health to the attacking ninja. Passive 2, buff is variable as you need your ninjas to be hit in order to increase ninjutsu and attack by 15% (these increase reset at beginning of the next round). Overall okay ninja, scaling is not that op.

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