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Shisui susano'o/ Ashura/Indra


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I would look at performance, not the "on paper" rating...

Shisui *3- I've seen some people pull some pretty crazy things with this. Saw *once* someone beat an equal power Obito 10T BT, but again ONCE. He is decent as a starter/mid attacker, pos 1-2.(Biggest oof is I don't think he has self healing with attacks.)

Indra- He can be annoying AF, especially for ppl that need healing to scale. His passives are nice, but he is more meant to be pos 2-4, so depending on server, he could just not last long enough to help you out.

Asura-He made a bit of a come back due to Shisui BT, and Rinne Deidara, but he is mid as a support. Nice thing about his power, is he only needs to last until round 2 for his passive to activate (chase one). However, of all of these, (to me) he is the least terrifying.

For the Otsutsuki brothers, I would recommend having a good Pos 1. If you have the pack from Tsuku, I am assuming you have Orochimaru, and he pairs great with Indra. If it's from Sakura, I am also assuming you have orochimaru from fuku, so there is always that pair... they might work as pos 1-2 depending on server ofc.

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