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[ Lineup ] Kinkaku - Ginkaku [Gold and Silver Brothers] Lineups


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Hey guys!




The game description doesn't really explain this ninja well, so the pictures above are from konoha proxy.

Mystery: Both of the mysteries are similar, one removes super armor, second one does unavoidable splash damage (which is stronger actually). Overall a decent damage mystery

Standard Attack: Causes random debuffs pretty much. It could be useful sometime

Chase: The first chase is pretty good ignoring immunity and causing immobile + kotodama tag (nothing special, reducing enemies combo rate but it does help kinkaku/ginkaku do more damage and trigger his second chase bonus ability). Second chase is even better stealing standard attacks and removing that ninja.

Passive 1: 20% hp is not a lot, but it can definitely be useful

Passive 2: Decent buff, but nothing extraordinary except the 2 ninja concept.

Overall an interesting ninja being basically 2 ninjas in one. Could be better considering some other ninjas these days, but still usable. Also a decent counter for standard attack ninjas.

1. Earth Main


2. Earth Main 2


3. Lightning Main


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