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jackpot ninja


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events in this game last for 1 week so my question is - is it possible to get same jackpot ninja 2 or 3 times during same week?

example:lucky star event there is 80 frags of indra and you get him 2 times and end up with 160 frags. or lucky wheel madara 10 tails jinchuriki 100 frags and you get him twice and end up with 200 frags.

also there are some recharge events with 80 or 100 frags so if you remember say if it was some recharge event or not that dropped those frags.

also thanks to all those who help to answer this.

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yes it is possible to get double even triple. but never expect that u will be that person bec the drop rate is very low.

there was one person who posted here once.... he got obito 10 tails 2x. if im correct last 2020 or 2019. but dnt get ur expectations high cuz MOStly ppl dnt get any.

there was once a theory that ig u become inactive for a very long time ur drop rate og getting a rare character increases. i can attest to this since i was busy for my board exam and schooling for a very long time. when i came back last 2019 after years of not playing i got a free edo minato in lucky stars. idk if it was that or i was just lucky so yea good lucck to u fren.

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