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Hello, I am a player in S4, who just got the Slot Machine Jackpot *1. I am 530k power, top 50 gate for my server is ~700k. I am debating on getting Tendo or the 100k coupons. I am predicting if I save the 100k for Anni, i could get something, but once I reach 700k (Predicting cpns will get me to 690k or 710k if spent wisely) I won't be able to reach the 1 million mark as I won't be spending super hard. (1 million average power of active player) So should I go for Tendo cause it's a character I really want, or should I go for the 100k for anni and try to grind to the millions?

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100k for anni without any kind of doubt.
Unless it'd be Shisui Susano no ninja can carry you right now to beat a player 500k stronger than you, if you're 530k and the average power in your server is 1m then you should power up with a good fuku that also gives an op ninja. Anni is your best shot, if you choose Tendo any 6p or Madara will nuke you instantly.

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I have Orochimaru gnw, Sosp, and Jirayia and other Semi-meta ninjas, so i think I c*e those on fights when I reach average power. (And I should add, my pos 1 is at 200k power)

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