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[ Help ] Is Deidara [AC] inside of Great Plates Gift Pack worth spending the coupons?


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  • Touma On 2022-05-07 16:38:47
  • Hmm, yea. I've been contemplating where to spend my coupons on, and Great Plates has caught my eye since it has Deidara [AC]. But I could also spend a huge chunk of coupons on getting Orochimaru [Great Ninja War] to 4*. In a bit of a dilemma since you say that nobody can predict if he'll be available later.

    Orochimaru may benefit my team.

    But Deidara will benefit my obsession.

    Do you think 4* Orochimaru is worth it over Deidara [AC] in this instance? I just need 27 more fragments for 4*.

    I also don't have many ninjas to BT, outside of Kabuto [Snake Cloak], Yugito Nii [Two-Tails Jinchuriki], and Temari [Great Ninja War]. Server is relatively new, about a month and a half old so we're all kind of just starting.

There is no point really in upgrading Oro to 4 stars, all he will get is just a small power boost but that's all.

And well, Deidara isn't useful, but if you want really him then great plates is a good event to get him from

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