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[ Help ] Is Deidara [AC] inside of Great Plates Gift Pack worth spending the coupons?


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  • Touma On 2022-05-07 16:38:47
  • Hmm, yea. I've been contemplating where to spend my coupons on, and Great Plates has caught my eye since it has Deidara [AC]. But I could also spend a huge chunk of coupons on getting Orochimaru [Great Ninja War] to 4*. In a bit of a dilemma since you say that nobody can predict if he'll be available later.

    Orochimaru may benefit my team.

    But Deidara will benefit my obsession.

    Do you think 4* Orochimaru is worth it over Deidara [AC] in this instance? I just need 27 more fragments for 4*.

    I also don't have many ninjas to BT, outside of Kabuto [Snake Cloak], Yugito Nii [Two-Tails Jinchuriki], and Temari [Great Ninja War]. Server is relatively new, about a month and a half old so we're all kind of just starting.

Just satisfy your joys mate, leave all the meta crap out of the way and go for the ninja you like, thats how it should be always when it comes to video games, you are playing them to have fun.

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