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[ Player Guide ] New Skill Changes April 2022


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Hey guys!

There were only 2 character skill changes in April that happened last week. A quick overview of that:

1. Guy [Summer]


Screenshot_81 (2)

Screenshot_82 (2)

a. So this one is a small buff, instead of always hitting 5 units it has a chance to hit 5-7 now. Might be usable in GNW/3v3 or Ninja Exam pretty much.

b. Now this is actually a big buff, 2x more hits. But it might be hard to get up to 8x because you would have to go against another standard attack gaining team and you might be dead by then if you're slower haha

2. Duy Might



a. Actually a pretty good buff, 1 more extra round. Especially because it makes him immune to debuffs you can go into the next round immune

b. Also great, it makes actually a good support when he loses 50% of his hp (just gotta be careful that he doesn't die). Especially because there are so many good konoha ninjas so it's easy to match him with someone

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However, getting to 8x could be difficult since you'd have to face another regular attack gaining team, and you might be dead by then if you're slower lol.


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Edo Zabusa vs Guy Summer is the biggest chaos I ever saw. They just kept on attacking

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