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So Guys, I did 2050 spins in total in Lucky Sn@tch event (that means 205*498 = 102.090 coupons spent) and I won The Jackpot just once. I started the week's events with 42k coupons and I said to just try my luck with the Lucky Sn@tch and did 500 spins. I got ''lucky'' and got The Jackpot around 460 spins. All good for now. Then seeing a lot of people getting The Jackpot once or even three times in under 20k spent I said to try to get it multiple times. I was greedy I admit it. So I went all in and lost all my coupons won for just some items in this event.

The moral: Players Don't be greedy and never mess with RNG events!

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Last time you have guaranteed jackpot around 760 spins (38k coupons, could be a little less, don't remember exact number). Which meant event wasn't that RNG at all.

For the record, I used 842 spins and got nothing. I got freaking Toad Chant Jiraya twice with less.

Edit: make it 882 spins, I was 40 spins short from Lucky packs x3 and 18 frags short of recruiting AOG Konan, so thought "ah, screw it, why not".

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