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[ Suggestions ] Easy fix for Madara Edo Tensei release on old servers


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As a fix for old servers that didn't get him, could youreset the "7 Days Gifts" so old accounts can claim them.

It might be a good idea otherwise it would kill off newly released servers.

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Up this as us people on older servers are going to die out faster by not receiving him aswell to many f2p will leave just to get him.

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I agree with what is being said here

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Should make everyone happy

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I will submit this suggestion on your behalf, but please keep in mind we do not yet know how this event will roll out. It may well already be set up this way. If it is not, then it is highly likely that the devs intended for this to NOT be made retroactively available to existing players, as it is designed to be a leg up to brand new accounts, not a free recruit/fragments-towards-4star for established accounts, so this suggestion may well not be implemented.
Also, sadly, there is *no* making *everyone* happy. Many people have already complained about this making ETR Madara too accessible, and would rather he not be made even more readily available.

However, as I said, I will submit the suggestion for the devs to review, and hopefully you c*l get the free ninja you want.
Thanks and have a great day!

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