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Wanted to suggest adding coupons to every player participating in 9 tails event if the server manages to defeat Kurama.
Many players in my server find the new adjustments to the event boring or a complete waste of time so I thought that maybe adding certain amount of coupons to the prize would motivate people to don't skip it. It's not really a crazy demand, I mean it used to give 20cp in the past, so giving some coupons in exchange of the effort-time invested in killing it I think would be great.

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I will submit this suggestion for you. Just please be aware that it is unlikely to go through, since, as you mentioned, the event had coupons previously but they were removed, indicating that the devs actively do not want this event to give out coupons, for whatever reason that may be. Most likely this reason is the consolidation of rewards into the sun/moon scrolls system instead of coupons.

However, as I said, I will submit this suggestion for you, and perhaps we will get lucky and it will get reinstated.

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