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[ Suggestions ] Fuku candidates


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I wanted to suggest the following ninjas for near future fuku:

- Hinata[Chinese Style]

- Haku [Ronin]

- Kurenai [Kimono]

- Black Zetsu

Yeah yeah, I know, with the exception of Kurenai the other 3 ninjas have been pay-walled until quite recently but the thing is they've been around a while now and since then I have not a single time encountered nobody using them. Whales themselves say that Black Zetsu for example is terrible and they would never spend at all for him, therefore is a waste of time leaving him pay-walled in my opinion.
Those 4 ninjas are not game changers at all but they're fun, I dont really know what are we waiting for to be able to get them for coupons.
Maybe when there's not an important fuku like the anniversary or christmas one you could add some of these 4 ninjas to the filler fukus, instead of repeating the same ninjas here and there. *e the game a little please.


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