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Hello Everyone - Remember Me ? S661 - T


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I'm from Server S661. Name is - " T "

It's been almost 1+ Year. After Flash Player's End of life I couldn't play anymore. I had tried everything I can, like using vpn and etc etc. But but nothing worked. After 3rd merge I don't know if we have got 4th server merge or not, but to all my friends from those merged servers, I just want you to know that I'm doing well in my life. Hopefully you all are doing excellent in life too. We played this game together for more than 3 years. All those moments I will never forget. It was always fun to talk about lot of things with you guys.

And Hey " Knight ", I have checked your last fanart in fanfiction section. You drew it well.

And hello " MUZ " - " বিদায় রাগিনী বাজিয়ে গেল জীর্ণ পুরনো বর্ষ। নববর্ষ আনবে সকল রকম হর্ষ। তোমাকে ও তোমার পরিবারকে জানাই নববর্ষের শুভেচ্ছা।"

Everyone stay safe. I hope I will meet you people someday again...

Comment here if you still remember me...

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