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[ Lineup ] support/control ninja for a team


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Guys with Madara ETR and Orochimaru Gnw, which ninja would fit for a p2?

Asking cause i haven't used the fuku packs yet.

I think Obito GNW is not that bad considering that if i get interrupted I still can do mystery.

For some reason Jiraya seems the common choice but he usually get controlled before he c*e his mystery or before doing extreeme chaos if he does manage being the faster p2. His chase also triggers the other team ETR who can do mystery when hit.

Interesting choice would be Kushina - if you get her do her chase with Minato in the beginning of the round, the other team if not full of dodgers would get immunity removed and paralyzis. Also keeping 60 charka would be handy. Not sure how strong the mystery is. But could be handy to wipe out ninjas without hitting the whole team which could be bothersome when there is a ETR.

Although I am gathering frags of Kakashi, somehow I see him sort of situational in this team.

Let me know your thoughts.

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I started my server really late so I don't have Madara Edo yet.

Personally though I am using Orochimaru GNW in my pos 2/3 spots depending on my team I am using. And realistically if you do not have Madara at 4* then Orochi is the best choice in my eyes because I think 3* orochi is way better than Madara at 3*. It isn't stated in the actual game but most of the abilities that the Kage get from Orochimaru summons are based on the Breakthrough versions, lesser versions but still BT versions. If you can get Madara at 4* I think he does overall more damage. The weak spot on orochi is himself, you kill him all his Kages go * and if you cant survive to round 3(if he died on round 1) then it's Curtains if you cant manage to kill any of their team after that point.

Unfortunately I don't have any experience with Obito GNW.

I use Jiraiya a fair bit also, I think he has his own uses and it depends on what you want to really do with your team. I bounce around both of them but at the end of the day I prefer using Orochi GNW just because of the sheer potential he has if you keep him alive.

Have a good day!

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Swimsuit Kushina can't use her mystery till near the end of round 1, assuming at least one of her clones survived. Mystery alone is not bad.

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