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[ Help ] Looking for missing mains' sprites (dialogue)


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Hi, I've been looking for some sprites and would appreciate any help in finding the ones I'm missing!

Naruto Online plot instance faces3

Naruto Online plot instance faces small status3

The Scarlet of the 8th column is missing because I haven't unlocked the ch. 11-02 plot instance yet (the second part of mc dialogue is the part that should give those sprites), the 10th should be in a mission between ch. 11-02 and 11-03 where the mc talks to Yamato (it doesn't appear in plot instances up to ch. 11-09).

The column with crying/sad sprites has only Azure because I have no idea where to look for the rest, I only know it's also past ch. 11-09 (it was found on the Portuguese forum but I suspect it was previously yoinked from the cn web). I really hope the other mains also have it somewhere in the game...

Anyway, I'd be really grateful for some help :D

This is mostly to preserve/study the scraps of information we have on the protags but if the 2 red tiles could be filled then I'd gladly start cleaning the set up so they are transparent and ready for all kinds of use >:)

Oh, and if somebody does find these then please send them here (but also link to an external source so the forum logo doesn't cover the lower part/higher quality could be kept ^-^')

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sure, here's your missing Azure sprite that I got from a member of my discord server.


I cropped it myself from the screenshot.

I hope I can see the missing Breeze sprite as well, but it is what it is.

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Oh my! Thank you so much! I really thought no one cared about this but now I'm so happy to receive an update to the set :D

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