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Should I spend coupons on 35k fuku?


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Hi there,

I currently have 66k coupons and I was wondering what were your thoughts regarding spending them on 'small' fukus (30k/35k) or waiting until a bigger ones comes up (60k or more)?


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Imo this fuku gives mainly support ninjas, so its not a necessity unless you can really spare.

I myself is saving as I can't get any good ninja I want, also esp if you can't stack fast enuff for every fuku.
IF that is the case, there is no hurry, just keep stacking and spend when u are sure, or i guess when u can no longer resist XD

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Thanks for your reply! Since I'm now close to 70k cps, I think I'll wait. Maybe I'll wait for another 110k fuku? Don't know how often they'll happen and if I'll be able to resist not spending cps haha. But I guess since I am basically focused on getting Karin and Oro, if there's a fuku that allows me to have them either with rewards or events, I'll do it.

But I agree, since this fuku doesn't allow me to have either and the ninja aren't that interesting since I have jiraya already, I'm gonna be patient a little more :).

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Big fuku is not necessarily a better fuku! It largely depends on what are your preferences on spending events, for example lucky star wheel is the best event for power increase for the majority of players, but power packs run out around 45-50k spending.

Also the 110k fuku at Christmas was pure garbage, the value in there was equivalent of a 60k fuku, the ninjas were somewhat unique, but also their use is fairly limited, at 3 star they're just bench warmers. That fuku was only good coz it had the lucky * that made it practically free.

Big fukus are a bit overrated by some players.

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I agree that if it wasn't for the 40k cps, I would not have done the 110k fuku lol. But the good thing is that it spanned over 3 weeks so you could spend on a variety of events.

But yeah, I think I made up my mind up that I will only spend on a fuku if it allows me to have oro or/and karin fragments !

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