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[ Help ] stacking defense passives


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Is the Earth Main passive Defense Experience - Ultimate the one that gives defense and ressistance increased by 40% stacking with Chiriku's passive?

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both passives give same amount of buff to same type of stats.. 40% to both defence & resistance

both also same duration of buff.. as long as ninja in battlefield for both passive

thus, both passives are considered SAME BUFF

as far as i know, same buff will not stack

if any of either stat is different, eg passive 40% defence & 20% resistance.. it will become DIFFERENT BUFF.. so it will stack

in short, same buff will not stack, different buff will stack

i'm not sure regarding different eligibility to receive buff will make the buff different or not.. ie earth main will give buff to all ninja in lineup whereas chiriku only give buff to konoha ninja

maybe good idea to wait for reply from other player

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