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[ Ninja Exam ] Ninja Exam 483 water main


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I will not be posting all Exams just the ones i find tricky or hard

Make sure Madara has Y barrier

Assist link is Orochimaro or any one you have to boost Fire






Retreat if

Madara or Hozuki is controlled

Madara does not lunch barrier round 1

hozuki does not not reduce his mystery round 1

Round 1

the last cheater is madara 5 kage after his standard use water mains mystery to clear debuff on sasori then use sasori mystery to reduced all edo tensie chakra by 20

hozuki will should get his cooldown round 1, use it on obito jin, obito jin scales hard so the earlier you kill him the better

Round 2

start of this round use madara mystery and pray he isnt controlled also depending on if madara removes his barrier this round, 2 things can happen but pray he doesnt, jin obito will attack the lowest life which should be sasori but if madara removes his barrier Obito gnw will teleport the lowest life out of the battlefield and others enemy ninjas will get chakra to nuke you if that happens i suggest you retreat .okay you use madara mystery because of the chakra reduction hozuki mystery cost 0 chakra so when he get his mystery use it on obito jin

Round 3

By now you should have gone through most of them dont worry much about the puppets splash damage will kill most of them again if obito jin is still alive trget him again

Round 4

from here on out you should be able to make decision based on what you see (kill obito jin)

live moss and stay free to play..

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