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Minato Edo


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Is it still worth it to get minato barier/bond skill?

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the bond skill is good, but all bonds ninjas are outdated, so if they balance them in the future than yes

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too many edo madara users. so i would say an easy no. ... to add theres jiraiya toad et al.

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If you can cheaply (like you already own all Edo Hokages, only need to upgrade their assist links) then why not. If you can't, save for Orochimaru GNW. You get exactly the same positive (and irremovable) effect without any drawbacks at the start of battle. In general, edo Minato is currently screwed because of Toad Chant Jirayia.

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Aerth is right. will take approx. 6-8mo to have oro gnw or possibly more will bec u will lose mostly from saving but totally worth the wait.

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