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[ Lineup ] Need Team Ideas


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Can you tell me which breakthroughs you have on Nagato [Edo], 3rd Raikage [Edo], Izuna, Asuma [WB], Kushina Habanero, and Hashirama Hokage? Then I can help you out once I have a better idea.

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Ok so, here you go:

2022-04-13 17_26_14

I think this is the best team you can make right now. You have dmg from Kakashi, control from Itachi and Fire main, and protection from Rin with healing and her mystery dmg reduction passive and also Itachi's reflect. It's not exactly meta but if you play it right you should get wins.

2022-04-13 17_20_04

There's also this variant, it's a little more damage focused at the cost of worse defense. Kakashi can do way more dmg than you'd think when Hashi's barrier is up, but in the current meta where TC Jiraiya, an anti-barrier ninja, is running around so much you might not get that chance.

When you get Kitsuchi (you probably have now) you c*so use this Earth team that was showcased in this video from another thread: It looks pretty good and fun.

(Edit: I believe this is the team setup, since they didn't list the talents:)

2022-04-13 19_26_53

Good luck!

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