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[ Suggestions ] Arena rant


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I already made a Suggestion thread about Arena, but I still have more thoughts I want to add. Honestly, the way Arena is now, it's incredibly infuriating. It's supposedly an equalized playing field at least that was probably the idea when the game first started, but that all changed with new ninjas and skillbreaks. If you don't have certain ninja, you will lose. That on top of negative points and a matching system that narrows your pool of opponents makes arena a huge waste of time. The fact that arena hasn't been changed since the beginning of the game to remedy these faults is very weird. If you aren't going to do anything about these flaws to level the playing field, at least allow people to match with their own alt accounts or something. Arena is just so gd stressful.

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I understand your frustrations. Arena does its best to be equalized, but no system is perfect. The closest is Zenith, but few people play that because they dislike it. In response to your statements, please keep in mind that people ARE capable of matching their alt accounts, although that is not something we condone. Also, please keep in mind that you are not required to play in Arena if it is stressful. If you are unhappy playing in it, I would suggest simply not doing it. Alternatively, you might consider asking in the strategy section here on the forum or in the official discord for tips on how to be more successful in this game mode.

Unfortunately, while I appreciate the psychological need to vent and rant, this is not the appropriate subforum for such a thing. I would encourage you to visit the general subforum to do so, or perhaps the general channel of the official discord. I wish you the best of luck in your future Arena endeavors. ♥

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