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[ Ninja Profile ] Minato Jonin or Gaara Suit?


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both are good but which is best for early game (30k~ power)

any recommended f2p lineups for the both of them too?

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I would choose Minato, better to deal damage, has dodge, can reset and stack damage, he will be perfect for you in this range of power, not to mention you can level his mystery later on, gaara suit has a better role as a support generating combo immunity for those who have a shield, it can be a good one, but the tender gaara is much more cir*stantial than Minato, so I would go with Minato.

Hope this helps.

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Minato scales (increases his combo and atk every time he chases), suit Gaara doesn't, based on that alone it's an easy choice to pick Minato. Ninjas that don't scale are very hard to use as pos 1/carry ninjas.

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See im going for suit gaara whennever i can since im getting suit Minato this month. My full team will be Shizuka Nadieshko, Suit Minato, suit Gaara and wind main

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What you said is very true and I agree with this answer of yours. wordle unlimited

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