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[ Lineup ] Shurado Glass Cannon Pure Cancer team


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Hello guys I'm from s34. I've got Shurado a while ago for my first 60 tendo pull but didn't use him much since my main is lightning. I switched to Wind for a day to test this team out and this is what I've came up with :D
Please have higher ini in Orochi than your opponent for this team to work!

1st round: Shurado skill to interrupt or weaken an enemy (should be the easiest one that you can kill). Use Kabuto skill after the clone IN FRONT of your Shurado disappeared to protect him.

2nd round: Orochi skill and start combo at the most dangerous enemy that can target your team. If not, use it on the lowest HP. Use your main skill reset all, then use shurado skill. At least 1 of the enemy my should be dead by now if not 2. Kabuto skill to protect shurado again.

3rd round: Orochi skill again destroying the rest of the enemy team.

If after 3 rounds and your enemy is not quite dead yet, gg lol.

- Literally destroy water/lightning/other wind. On same power your Shurado shot will destroy half of the opponent's HP, on >3000 weaker power? 1 shot 1 kill.
- Orochi has high combo rate for his normal atk which 90% start a combo at turn 1.
- Satisfaction for player who love to see high number (lv70 can dealt 10000 damage per shurado shot in TI) or if you love cancer thing and wanna make your opponent go "wtf?"
- Fast kill = best for Sage.

- Enemy 1st has more ini than your and can start combo turn 2? gg
- Enemy is smart and apu your orochi at turn 1 AFTER kabuto's cure? Be extremely careful since though your main will cure orochi at turn 2, they will still start their combo before you
- Earth main (cant kill them with that 10000 shield lol)
- Fire main that use Kurenai to shield their Tobi :curse:

Everyone who have Shurado but haven't tried him much please test this and give me your opinion :) Good luck!
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Can any mod move this thread to Stragety pls? sorry for troubling you :P
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No problem! :D
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Shurado's damage starts falling off later, since most people will end up with 4-5 star nin.

He works great at lower levels though and I used something similar.
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