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[ Suggestions ] Ninja Fragment refinement


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Hi Folks, I want to suggest a new type of ninja fragment refinement.

Now with fragment refinement you get points and can only get naruto 9 tails chakra or Iruka.

Since both of them are outdated I suggest:

Get refinement points for each type of ninja, for example - I refine Kurotsuchi fragments and can buy Kurotsuchi rinne festifal fragments. Or I refine Naruto fragments and can buy Naruto 6p or Naruto S*y jitsy fragments and so on. So for the specific ninja you can buy any type of the same ninja fragments.

Thank you

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This probably wont work.

Cause the moment this is implemented, the next thing you see is Shisui Susanoo/Madara 10 tail/ Obito 10 tail/Pain 6 paths everywhere.

Most long time players probably have many of their basic or old ninjas of them.

Unless of course if the dev limits to what extend of the exchange is possible.

Which then defeat the purpose of having this exchange system.

But I agreed on changing 9tail naruto and Iruka for something else. Or change it to packs where we can exchange other similar worth ninjas.

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No it is fine as is.

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Hello, thank you for these suggestions, I will pass them along.

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